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Shipwrecked Volcano Island Wiki GuideShipwrecked Volcano Island Wiki with Guides and growing info. Shipwrecked Volcano Island is a Simulation game developed by Kiwi, Inc. and is currently only available for Android.

Check back in the near future for updated information along with new posts. Depending on popularity the Wiki and Guides can be updated multiple times a day.

Shipwrecked Volcano Island Wiki Guide

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You start out on an island all by your lonesome, but quickly find other helper trapped there. Explore everything and build a large settlement in the middle of nowhere. The app is free to play with a paid option. The paid currency is gotten in game at a good pace,  not making the player feeling like their going to have to pay for the stuff.

Make buildings, crops, trees, resources, decor and more. Everything is time base so certain actions will take longer than others. There are many games like these on the market and with this one being one of the newest it’s refreshing.

The further you get and more space that is expanded the more you’ll be doing. Much of the game is centered around placing large amounts of crops to tend, then harvest for currency. This will be one of the main sources for experience.

Complete many missions that require the player to build certain things or complete different objectives. There is enough to do to eventually keep someone busy consistent without room for a break. This could be a good thing for gamers as many mobile games make you take a break often. It probably more for profit purposes than helping you play more healthy.

As you gain in level during gameplay you’ll unlock different features. It may go slow in the beginning due to the developers letting you get to know things at a slower pace. Many people may already be familiar with how things work from past variations from the Kiwi or other types on the market.

My only complaint is that your gonna need to be connected to the internet at all times. This makes turning of the adds with offline play impossible among other things.

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