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Simcity Buildit Best LayoutWhat is the Simcity Buildit Best Layout? It’s much easier to achieve than past titles and not complicated at all. In fact, I would even call this a city simulator. Think of it more as a build and wait app like the many others for mobile.

With the ability to long press any structure, besides roads, and move them to any other location an unlimited amount of times for free finding the best layout will be a piece of cake.

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Simcity Buildit Best Layout


Anything that cost money to place will be refunded by 50% of the cost when bulldozing. This should be kept in mind if your not sure if you should purchase something or need a little extra cash for something else.


This is probably the biggest thing a person would have concerns about placing. Fortunately, traffic does not operate like other Sim titles and is extremely easy to control. Roads have 3 stages and once there upgraded to there 3rd stage they will never need to be upgraded again. All building will have to be fully connected to roads with hanging of half way or weird position. This ensures that every thing will be connected to services.

for the Best Layout roads will only need to be improved when enough buildings next to them are built up to hold so many people. When Sky-scrappers start showing up then you know it’s close to needing the final upgrade. If you don’t have enough cash to improve it you can move the higher populated buildings to other places in your city to take the load off.

For placement your going to want as few roads as possible to maximize the amount of building you can have. Since traffic will never congest in any area likes other Simcity’s placement will never be an issue. I would recommend taking the initial road leading into town make it keep going straight North. Then branch rods of of it East and West with a 2 house space between them. Keep a house width around the edge also to prevent placement of unneeded roads.


When you build outwards with new homes utility demands will increase. If you build up by improving homes already placed population will increase but utilities will not. Doesn’t make sense but that’s how it is. Keep this in mind so you don’t get stuck needing something when your flat broke.

I would designate one large part of the city to homes, then have a smaller area for pollutants and and other stuff. Keeping them close together will also help out when you start to do Dr. u Tower Disaster Challenges as more buildings have a chance of being destroyed and producing Keys.


There is a major flaw in the mechanics of this game when it comes to putting up homes. When you are able to place 3 at a time around level 20 you can take advantage of the Simoleons product by upgrading homes. I’m not sure of the specifics and take no credit for finding this, but it consists deleting all homes then continually demolishing and building the same home over and over for unlimited Simoleons at the cost of 1 Metal. You’ll have to search around the internet to find it as I have no clue where I saw it and couldn’t post it here if I did.


Factories are the most important thing as they produce good to upgrade home and keep the game moving forward. As your level increase you’ll be able to build better factories that can produce more goods at one. You’ll also be able to place a larger amount of them, but must first bulldoze (Long press, then Red Bulldoze button) older ones to make room for them. All factories produce the same goods.

Fire, Police and Health

In the beginning stick to the smaller version to minimize cost. Try not to build outside there radius which can result in many of them wasting Simoleons in the process.

By the time you fill the entire city space, which will probably take years at normal play rate, you will only need 4 of the biggest Fire, Police and Hospital services. 4 Hospitals wont be enough though and Sims will complain so more smaller versions will have to be placed in areas to calm the masses.

You probably wont get to this point until much later in the game. I would try to save up for the big ones as soon as possible to reduce wasted currency.

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Most Hospitals these days have been marked as pure profit mills only using treatments, besides 500 different antibiotics, to keep people sick and coming back for more profit. Doctors are one of the few professions where most of them come out of college stupider than when they went in filling their heads with useless knowledge only meant to make Money in an industry. Obviously, where not going to be able to rely on EA to help out with this information so there you go.

Parks, Landmarks and Specializations

Only a few Parks are needed to keep everyone happy though more is better. Parks will immediately increase the population by the corresponding percent of the homes within radius. They are the fastest ways to increase population along with Landmarks which in turn raises tax income.

Sims will eventually continually complain until they get a school and Transportation when it becomes available. It should only bring down happiness by a small amount keeping the total over 90%. This can however stack with other unhappy thing eventually reducing taxes. You should try to be ready when these become available at level 10 though at 40,000 each they might not be withing range of purchase. Just make sure people are not too unhappy when reaching level 10 or you might hurt your income for awhile.

Entertainment and Gambling are also not necessary  but will increase population by large amount. These should be places as soon as possible to maximize profits and speed up gameplay.

Early version of all Specialization will cost Simoleons while better version will cost Keys. It’s a good idea to start earning keys early with the Cargo Dock since your gonna need a lot of them to put up all of them or multiple of the best ones.


Pollution is pretty easy to control, just keep it by the edge of your city so most of it disappears outside the city boundaries. Many building will eventually have a non-polluting version, but probably won’t be unlocked until late game.

Water producing structures can be place directly next to polluting things without effecting the water quality. This is good for keeping all non-residential structures close by each other leaving plenty of room for Sims.

Special Items

Keeping Sims happy will trigger blue speak bubbles that when tapped can reward the player with Special Items. These item will be used for Expansion of the cities boundaries, increase storage space and triggering Disaster Challenges. Try not to keep Sims unhappy for too long or you’ll miss out on a lot of them. These seem to show up over a timed basis so when they stop producing Special Items your gonna have to wait a little bit for more.

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      • You’re a moron. I would try and explain why but you seem well beyond hope. Good luck living for 200 years with your cocktail of 90 nutrients (this seriously has to be a joke… I don’t understand how someone so stupid could survive in the real world).

  2. The info here, minus the rant, is good.
    The rant about doctors and killing people only for money sounds like progressive liberal fabian socialist garbage.
    You sir have been indoctrinated by the ultra left wing nut jobs and are spewing their rhetoric nonsense.
    You are nothing more than one of their useful idiots that is too simpleminded and illiterate to think for himself.

  3. So some fake doctor made this page? I was wondering why the guide got so stupid in the middle. The last thing I’d ever do, is take medical advice from someone that claims to be a doctor, when real doctors have a hell of a lot better things to be doing than writing Sim City guides.

  4. No idea how this got political but I just wanted to add, albeit a year or so late, that parks are the only thing sims need to be 100% happy. You do not need schools or anything else. As long as every residence has a park covering it then there will be 100% happinness. They may mention schools or whatever but they’re not complaints.

    Also, parks are easier and more efficient as they only cost simoleons instead of keys or whatever. They come in small sizes. The only reason you would need transportation education etc is for epic projects.

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