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Simcity Buildit Bulldoze FactoryIf your wondering how to Bulldoze a Factory in Simcity Buildit just long press the building and tap the red button in the top right of your screen. As your level increase you be able to place more factories at once. Since there is a limit your gonna have to bulldoze one before building one that’s better.

Keep in mind that when you bulldoze something you’ll get back half of what you spent on it. This helps offset the Simoleons spend on things since they can be so hard to get a hold of.

Factories will inevitable need to be removed so you can put in ones that can produce more goods at once. At first this can be a costly move since so many things will need to be build and upgrade to expand the city. I personally skipped the second factory and build the 3rd one when it became available. This was due to the fact that there isn’t really that much room for thing in the storage so more goods just seemed to hold things up.

Visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide for more info.

You might be in that “I’m not sure” faze where you are no fully aware of how this game works and not sure what to expect moving forward. It’s pretty simple and I’ll give it to you straight. For the most part your just going to be building houses and producing goods to upgrade them and that about it. Check out are Best Layout to remove most of the mystery.

In my personal opinion EA should not have called this app a Simcity and there isn’t a lot of simulation going on. Just a another build and wait model to rake in money from the unsuspecting player. Eventually when you a year into this game and realize it just doesn’t end and have3 to wait days just to upgrade 1 home you might join the EA hate group. I was pretty excited to play a Simcity on mobile finally only to realize that I had been pretty much lied to, still waiting :( At least if you don’t play for a long time your tax income will continue to grow.

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