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Simcity Buildit Disaster ChallengesSimcity Buildit Disaster Challenges are the best a fastest ways to earn golden keys. Once you reach a population of 90,000 you can activate Dr. Vu tower just outside of your city on the highway.

When you trigger a disaster challenge either a Meteor, Earthquake, or UFO will damage about 1 to 5 homes. The disasters will not damage any other buildings besides homes. You’ll then need to use goods to fix the destroyed building for a golden key rewards of 1-3 keys.

Sometime only one building will be destroyed while other times more will. The results are random and in my opinion a little to rigged to make sure yo don’t get to many keys. I have probably done about 100 of these and have had way too many times where only 1 building was damaged.

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When a building is repaired back to normal it will return to its original state and you want have to go through different upgrade sages again.

To get special items to use for triggering Disaster Challenges at Dr. Vu tower you’ll need to tap blue speak bubble from Sims around the city. Make sure to keep Sims happy by giving them everything they demand to maximize the amount of special items gotten. Special items are time sensitive so when they stop showing up you’ll have to wait a little bit before the blue speech bubbles start producing them again.

Disaster Challenges can take a long time to complete and getting the items to trigger one can take even longer. Using the Cargo Ship for keys is a must to get more though it will only supply one at a time.

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  1. I just built dr Vus disaster tower at level 38 but no longer see or get any of the tools I need to perform disasters. These we’re showing up constantly on prior levels but now I find none on sale and none coming from popping bubbles. How do I get these things to start coming again?

  2. interisting post and very helpful

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