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Simcity Buildit Easy MoneyMany people are probably looking for way to earn easy money in Simcity Buildit. For the most part you’ll only be able to earn money or SimCash when you level up and by completing Achievements. Other than that your gonna have to fork over real cash for it. Money is basically how EA hopes to earn a profit in this game so don’t expect it to come easy. There doesn’t seem to be and easy money cheat either that I’m aware of.

Fortunately, the only real use for money is to speed up productions of things and to purchase item for upgrading buildings. You should save it up as much as possible for when you’ll really need it the most. Thins that it can be good for are triggering Disaster Challenges, Expansions, and increasing Storage Space.

Coins on the other hand are a completely different story. Simcity Buildit has a major flaw where you can get free coin once your able to place 3 homes at once around level 20. I’m not sure of the specifics and I can’t take credit for any of this information, but I try to explain it encase you might want to try it out.

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The scary part for probably most players is that in order to get free coin you have to bulldoze all of your home that have been placed. Once this is done you place 3 homes then continue to upgrade one of them once with Metal, then Bulldoze it and repeat. This will get you coins every time it upgraded to the first level.


Unfortunately, I’m not completely sure of the specific and cant seem to find the 2 post where I got this information. You might need to upgrade a couple of the home first before constantly rebuilding the 3rd home. I do know that it will take a metal piece to upgrade though.

If anyone has any helpful info to add so other don’t have to struggle with my poor explanation please feel free to share it in the comments. It could be fixed in a future update as I’m sure EA doesn’t want everyone having access to free coins.

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