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Simcity Buildit ExpansionSimcity Buildit Expansions are a must for increasing the size of your city. Each expansion cost a certain amount of special items that can be acquired for blue speech bubble when Sims are happy. The items include the Dozer Exhaust, Dozer Blade, and Dozer Wheel.

Make sure to keep Sims happy with the buildings they desire to maximize the output of special items. After awhile they will stop appearing and you’ll need to wait a little bit before they do again. Keep in mid that these item will fill up your storage space so it’s not such a good idea to hold on to them.

Visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide for more info.

When building outwards Sims will require more services like water and electricity. When building upwards services like water and electricity will not increase. Doesn’t really make sense, but that’s how it is.

The chart below shows how much each section will cost to expand. The section on the left side of the city open up slightly more space than the northern area. This should be taken into account when face with 2 possibilities that both cost the same amount.

For more information on where to place what and what to expected late game check out our Best Layout post.When using the road guide from our best layout post it should be pretty easy to expand things without too much complication.In the end about 85% of the city will be covered with homes.

After all this isn’t really a city simulator. I like to think of it more as a tranny that you not sure about till you get close, then bam! not what your where hoping for. Dear EA, were still waiting for a Simcity on mobile.

Folks also seem to have a hard time Bulldozing Factories or would like to know more about it so you can check that out too.

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