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Simcity Buildit Golden Keys GuideThis is a short Simcity Buildit Golden Keys Guide to help you get a better idea of what to expect and how to get and use them. Golden Keys are needed to build many of the high level building instead of using Simoleons. There are 2 ways to earn Golden Keys.

Most of the thing that can be build are not needed for the growth of your city and can be avoided if need be. They however are usually very important and high stat building that are better than most so working towards getting most of them will make you population grow to large amounts.

Visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide for more info.

Cargo Ship

The first one to become available is the Cargo Ship which unlocks when getting 20,000 Sims to live in your city. Once the option opens up you’ll get a notice in one of the government buildings letting you know. It will cost 20,000 Simoleons to build and take about 1 day and 7 hours to construct.

Once the Cargo Ship is up and running you’ll have about 1 day to complete an order of 3 different goods. The amount and type of goods for each spot can vary. Once the order is complete the ship will take off. When it comes back after about 5 hours you will get 1 Golden Key. This is the slowest way to earn key but opens up first so its your only option.

Dr. Vu Tower Disaster Challenges

Once population gets to 90,000 you can build the Dr. Vu Tower for 60,000 Simoleons. This can produce many more keys then the cargo ship and should drastically increase the rate of acquiring them. To trigger Disaster Challenges you have to get special items from Sims blue speech bubbles.

Then you’ll trigger 1 of 3 different disaster that will only destroy home and not other building like water, police, and parks. After the home or homes are destroyed you’ll have to use goods to repair them. Doing this once will put the home back to it’s original state and of a reward of 1 to 3 keys.

Though you will get many more keys with the tower than using cargo they can be much harder to get. First you have to have special items, then your gonna need lots of good to repair building. It’s a good thing they only damage homes and not more important structure or things could get ugly quick.

I give EA credit for portraying Dr’s in a negative light cause in case you didn’t know they have zero cures beside antibiotics. Everything from the worst arthritis to can is cures with nutrition, but you have to educate yourself using Google and cant rely on the greed monsters.


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  1. Hello, when you rebuild the towers after destruction, do you get new xp?
    I don’t wanna levelup just yet. That’s why I’m asking.

    • Yes it does give you XP if you rebuild it so I’m not doing it beause I don’t want to level up yet either

      • No, it most definitely does not. I held at Level 29 for months while finishing my beach, mountain and land expansions and and did dozens of Vu challenges in that time. No XP. I did not gain any levels.

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