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Simcity Buildit Simoleons Free CoinsSimcity Buildit Simoleons are the main type of currency and are used to purchase many of the buildings. To get Simoleons you’ll have to upgrade houses, collect taxes, and sell goods on the open market. As you level increase you earn more from improving homes. You’ll also get back have of the coins spend when bulldozing things.

To get more tax income you’ll have to increase the population by building and upgrading homes. You can then place Parks and Landmarks to increase population instantly by the percentage list when placing them next to residences.

Visit our Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide for more info.

Some people have found a glitch in the app that allows for free coins to be earned at a fast rate in an infinite amount. Yo do this you have to wait till your around level 20 where you can place a max of 3 homes at a time. Now comes this scary part. Delete all of the houses that have been built up until this point until there’s none left. Place the 3 homes and only upgrade one and bulldoze after doings so.

What suppose to happen is that you can keep placing the 3rd home and improving it to the first stage for free coins, then continuous doing this on only the 1 home. There may be a few things that I’m missing in the equation like upgrading the first 2 or something along those lines. I heard this somewhere on the internet and cant for the life of me find out where it was. I take no credit for finding this.

The above tactic can also be very risky as I’m sure EA plans to fix this glitch sometime in the future. So don’t be surprised if you try to use this free coins cheat and find out you just deleting everything for nothing.

If your interested we have so great info on the Best Layout for a city. Visit our Expansions post to find out how much each area will cost in special items.

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