Feb 152015

Simcity Buildit Wiki GuideThis is an unofficial Simcity Buildit Wiki and Guide to help out with basic question along with a growing database of knowledge. New content will be add almost daily so check back for new stuff fin the near future.

Simcity Buildit is developed by EA and is available for free download on Google Play and iTunes. It had a soft release in Canada and other countries before it hit the states at the end of 2014. Check out what EA has to offer on Google Play and iTunes for free and paid downloads.

Thought this title is categorized under Simulation it would be much more specific and accurate if it was in the casual section.

Simcity Buildit Wiki Guide

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For many players starting out your probably filled with joy that there is finally a Simcity alternative for mobile. After playing for awhile the feeling will start to set in that this isn’t really a true Sim title.

For the most part all your gonna be doing is producing goods that will be used to upgrade homes. When your level increases the goods needed to do so will need to be better quality and will take longer to produce. It’s best to think of this app more as a build and wait type that seem to be everywhere on mobile.

The fact the EA has put little to no effort into this title makes me wonder whats going on behind the scenes. This thing could have easily sat at the #1 spot for mobile gaming yet it looks like EA doesn’t even care.

Simcity Build it is a great time killer though with lots of Sim elements to keep a person busy for a long time. Besides building up your own city creation you can visit friend and see what their up to as well. You can also trade item for in-game currency which is useful for thing you don really need or have room for.

After the first weeks of it’s release this app has dropped almost completely off Google Plays top app list. It look like many players got something that they were both not expecting and … Hopefully EA has learned a lesson here that when you say Simcity on mobile you better be telling the truth.

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