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Sioux Falls Homes Businesses Schools & Jails Flooded With Poison WaterWith the amount of chemicals in the water supply these days, technically it’s not called water even though water is in there somewhere. There are so many contaminates, pesticides, prescription meds, factory pollution, fracking chemicals and intentional harm in the water supply that a PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT should happen everyday on the news. It shows that the people playing house trying to run Sioux Falls are extremely out of the loop, mentally challenged with learning disabilities or are false flag crisis actors working with offshore countries to destabilize America (aka Terrorists).

Check the Sioux Falls Wiki & Guide for a a growing list of information and concerns.

For most of my life I never filtered my water besides using the cheap filters at Walmart that really do nothing but change taste. Once I finally got my hands on a real filter a few years back I found out some pretty horrible things about Sioux Falls and it’s water.

After just 2 weeks drinking out of a ProPur, now dwarfed and replaced by Alexapure Pro (Filter fits Berkey tanks and replaced there product terrorism), I thought I would hit up my favorite water fountain in the back of the Luise Walmart. To my surprise the water was so acidic that my body naturally spit it out without swallowing anything. Another week later I thought I would test the water out of Midcontinent Communications water fountain. This time it felt like3 or 4 different weight of water were running down my throat and it tasted as bad as it felt.

This tells me that Walmart is adding Fluoride Acid to the water in the building probably to dumb down employees and public at the same time cause sickness so they can maximize profit in the pharmacy. This is EXTREMELY illegal forced medication and terrorism punishable by a death sentence easy. The only thing that would keep them out of jail would be corrupt judges and states attorneys hungry for more money.

To take it a step further any new structures are likely to have the same thing. The jail and prison are more than likely loaded with even more chemicals. Someone goes to jail a couple days for speeding and is really given a light death sentence. Those in jail for long term for whatever crime they committed are being punished far beyond the laws legal boundaries, far beyond into the real of TREASON.

Basically businesses, schools, jails and other locations seem to have separate poison chemical tanks and additive stations on site separate of the cities water supply. This is used to manipulate employees and health for different reasons I’m sure.

I couldn’t even try to imagine talking to a city counsel members about this trying to get through their closed clicky thinking. As soon as they got elected personal debt probably goes up with loans trying to be rich and famous looking. They got too much to loose and lost of intensive to SHUT UP making you and accessory, insert handcuffs here. Your in the government to fix things, not get rich and famous. The sad part is these folk are probably just normal people to scared to look outside the box at the world of pain closing in on’em, no fight in them just laying down like blind sheep. Dear blind sheep, your heading towards a steep cliff and your not listening.

How come Mike Rounds and other city leaders including news outlets wont help the public by spreading the water cleaning power of a Alexapur water filter. I’m not sure, but maybe they’ll tell us when their sitting behind bars for a long time with fluoride birth control round-up cancer frack mystery med slurpees.

I’m 100% convinced that the only reason my mom hasn’t gotten sick in the last 2 years is because of the water filter since it’s the only thing I can get her to use healthwise. Check out my to the point and slightly off topic post here, Water & Food Flu Sickness Poison Rampant.

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