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Sioux Falls Wiki Guide Tourism Health InfoA Sioux Falls, South Dakota Wiki with Guides for Tourism and RED ALERT Health Info. City’s try so hard to make everything look as beautiful as possible, but unfortunately this day in age hides some pretty horrible deeds just below the surface. It’s probably more accurately described as matrix knowledge playing house where only the good old boys leadership jobs and promotions. Seems like most of the stuff that goes on get done behind doors without the public’s consent, the same public who is their BOSS and LORD.

This Sioux Falls Wiki and Guide will be updated regularly with need to know information. Since I have started blogging about more serious things my wonderful blog has taken a turn for the worst with multiple daily login and internet dropout when saving posts. This tell me I’m on the right track.

Sioux Falls Wiki & Guide


The hospital situation in Sioux Falls, South Dakota is nothing short of a Nazi camp executing innocent citizens for profit. It’s so hard for these doctors to look past their titles and medical degrees and look at the fact that just about everything they use treatments on has cures and prevention with the 90 Essential Nutrients. That makes these people terrorists and threats to

Birth Defects – It’s been common knowledge among people educated in the way of nutrition that about 99% of birth defects can be prevented by taking the 90 Essential Nutrients and avoiding the bad foods which SF offers plenty of. This is also well known in the medical community, but that doesn’t make money.

The pediatricians are the ones to blame, after management and lobbyists, their out there giving intentional poor health advice so you get a birth defect. That’s right, birth effects are created intentionally to produce revenue so city officials and doctors can live the rick life style. YOUR DOCTOR CAUSED YOUR BIRTH DEFECT, but Timmy’s in jail for speeding. The medical staff will probably be facing life in prison sentences very soon as they don’t realize that EVERYTHING is monitored including when you think your all alone. A poor business model to say the least. How will they ever pay off those wannabe “life styles of the rich and famous” house and car payments, when their in jail.


News outlets like KSFY, KDLT and KELO are polluting the air ways with misinformation, false flag reports like cops chasing imaginary shooters, and making sure that the Hospitals keep getting uneducated public for big treatment profits. These news organizations are nothing more than propaganda mills to keep the money flowing in the direction of the big mob kingpins. My guess is the biggest houses in Sioux Falls belong to criminals using fake laws to justify illegal activity. Real news hits hard with truth forcing you to rethink your current position in life, not toy news snippets through the day misleading you into watching news at certain times delivered by crisis actors talking about someones cows getting out. What about the mass murder taking place in front of everyone with the food and medical. If KSFY, KDLT and KELO is real news than must be angels singing.


Stingrays – Extremely Illegal machines used to steal all cell phone calls by mimicking the closest cell phone tower and recording everything in a certain radius. Basically, they know who all the drug dealers are and won’t arrest them because they make too much money off the small busts. It’s also used to destroy people lives and jobs for loud mouths and business ventures. Complete corporate hold on the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. They like to put them in building, houses and any type of van from unmarked to Rent-2-Own vehicles. Stingray Info. TREASON! The Constitutions is suppose to prevent this kind of tyranny, but without it we would be all over you already like ancient Aztec, think about it. POWER OF THE PEOPLE!

Police sign a contract saying they won’t talked about Stingrays or they face jail time or worse. The people who make stingrays also have fine print that’s meant to keep mouths shut. All of theses contracts are void of any control and authority with participants looking at charges of treason and terrorism. Dear Sioux Falls police, is that what you sighed up for? To commit crimes? Just taking orders?


Water & Food Flu Sickness Poison Rampant – You probably think the flu is something that is meant to be and will always be. In reality more flu equals more money for the medical district and bigger houses for know reason besides greed overload.

Homes, Businesses, Schools, & Jails Flooded With Poison Water – If your not filtering your water with a Alexapure your probably sick all the time wondering why you don’t feel good sometimes. Cancer anyone? Thanks Fracking!!!

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