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Sioux Falls Utilities Water Flu Sickness Poison RampantSioux Falls Utilities Water information you need to know now, your life depends on it. I’m a huge health buff and haven’t been sick in a long time, but I know that taking the 90 and everything at along with semi good eating keeps me safe. What I didn’t know is that it was probably the water purifier all along keeping me from getting sick.

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My family gets sick all the time like there half dead, the ones who live away from me and can’t listen anyhow. The only thing that I have been able to get my lovely yet extremely stubborn mother to take is clean water from a then ProPur dwarfed and replaced now by a Alexapur Pro, which are both far above anything that can be bought/installed locally. My mom hasn’t been sick in 2+ years! This tells my that all the sickness is coming from the water supply, no doubt in my mind at this point.

The next thing I’m 100% sure about is that this is done intentionally for control and money. If there is a flu season my guess is the city guy’s are putting things in the water on purpose, why else would it just happen every year at a certain time. Easy to do it off site where normal methods of “Water Cleaning” won’t stop the flu contaminant. And that’s a direct allegation pointed right at the big mob boss clowns who think they run this place including police Chiefs (drug dealers), States Attorneys, Judges and everyone else who thinks laws don’t apply to them. Make you sick, push you into poison vaccines (READ INSERT Mercury and Aluminum are pure poison), bam, your depopulated and IQ reduced.

Mayor Mike Rounds is having a blast pretending to run a city it looks like tinkering with gas prices, red lights and speed limits, but what he’s really taking part in is something horrific like the worst horror movie, I hate horror movies. The city counsel seems to be overloaded with fancy living and void of truth leadership. Their busy putting up huge events centers that don’t make any money, yet, with very large medical advertising. When you throw in the fact that Sanford and Avera are only giving treatments for things there are cures for things looks like a mob takeover/someone need to go to jail like a cereal killer. Maybe Mikey isn’t completely aware, but some definitely are like the hospital leaders and head management, murder for profit.

Did you know about 99% of birth defects are preventable when taking the 90 Essential Nutrients and the recommended Dr. Joel Wallach good/bad food list prior, during and after conception. The 90 also CURES and prevents a mind boggling amount of stuff you’ll wonder why your doctor isn’t in jail. Can’t ask them though as you’ll only get silence and “I don’t know’s” cause they get fired or worse if they do talk. You know how hard it is to rehire a work force?

Sanford and Avera hospitals work with local grocery stores like Walmart and Hy-Vee to cause birth defects on purpose for monetary gain long term. The first clue is the pharmacy that for some reason goes side by side with food in a business, kind off a red flag hand showing move or exactly that. Fortune favors the bold, but fortune is like greed and that can’t end well. Local pediatricians can only recommend certain nutrition to develop certain birth defects for money in those areas. Off the shelve baby food like Gerber intentionally contain about 15 -20 nutrients instead of the 90 to promote after birth defects like many cases of Autism. It’s probably real technical behind the scenes with charts and lots of numbers, probably can’t have too many down syndrome kids running around. Suicidal behavior if you ask me.

If you know about the massive loads of poison in the food your probably already aware of the system in place. They just recently starting adding BHT to everything for “shelve live”, but it just so happens to create globs of cancer in animal studies. What a coincidence since the medical industry makes most it’s cash from cancer, everyone gets paid in the chain of middle men. They’re actually putting Aluminum on the labels now which is pure poison to the body and mixes with Mercury from vaccines to cause chaotic mini explosions inside the body damaging all kinds of stuff.

The best case scenario is that a system is set in place to keep people from becoming monsters. The worst case would be a revolution, which would probably mean severe property loss. How much more expensive can you drive to work at the same speed as everyone else? Wrong temple investment I say.

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