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Sky Punks Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA Sky Punks Wiki, Guide and FAQ along with some Tips, Tricks and Cheats. Sky Punks is a Racing game developed Rovio Stars and is available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Sky Punks Wiki, Guides and FAQ’s can be updated daily with new Tips and Tricks with possible Cheats. Check back in the near future for new content depending on popularity. Don’t forget to check out the comments for more stuff.

Sky Punks Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats

Best Rider – The Sky Punks Best Rider overall is the Pirate King which is unlocked at level 48, but can be unlocked early for 2,500 Neo Crystals.

Coins – Coins are the main source of currency in the game and is used to purchase and upgrade most things. You can get free coins be completing stages as normal. You’ll get a ton by going past the 3 star range where they will appear in larger numbers.

Costumes – Every Rider has multiple costumes that can be equip for extra bonuses. Each one will increase one of the Riders skill by 1.

Energy – Energy is need to play and without it your gonna have to wait. It takes 15 minutes to regenerate 1 Energy. You will also get 1 Energy for free when completing a stage for the first time and getting 1 star.

Neo Crystals – Neo Crystals is the special currency in Sky Punks and they are used to buy the most important features in the game. You can get free Neo Crystals by completing stages and getting 3 stars. They will also appear on stages when you have passed the 3 star range and are continuing for a higher score and bonus gifts, in these situations they tend to appear in hard to reach places like just behind barriers or in places that seem impossible to reach.

Promo Codes – You can redeem promo codes for prizes in the shop. Promo Codes are usually gotten from other games that the developer has made to entice players to try their new game.

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