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Slayin Bosses Rush Mode Guide Strategy WalkthroughInfo on Slayin Bosses and Boss Rush Mode with Guides,Strategy and Walkthroughs. For a list of all related things on this domain visit the Slayin Wiki, Guide & FAQ.

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Bosses Guide, Strategy & Walkthrough

All bosses will have a achievement or quest related to not taking damage when fighting them. It will start with the first boss and can only be moved forward once per run. For many bosses this can be and easy task, but end game opponents are gonna take a bit more attention. Besides the onetime objective you can always get a point bonus by not getting hit.

  • Minotaur lv10 – Charges back and forth and is vulnerable to be hit after ramming the wall. Must evade before repeating. Very easy and should often be passed without being touched. I would wait on the edge of map then turn and jump when he starts to charge, you’ll have to be quick not to be hit. Sometime his timing can change forcing a 5 yard penalty or a little bit of health loss.
  • Imp lv20 – The Imp either shoots a ball straight across the bottom or one that goes up and down one side to the other. When more boss health is lost will shoot multiple projectile per round. Standing at each end of the screen will dodge the Imps Arial attacks. Try to strike fast and anticipate her reappearing on the same side for an easy hit. All ground shot can be avoid without too much hassle. Attacking will stop it’s action and prevent the Imps next move.
  • Royal Slim lv30 – When hit will divide into small pieces twice until fully defeated. Easy to take down, but can be a lot of dodging at times. Your probably gonna get hit a few times in here. Be careful not to get hit in the beginning from it coming up through he center.
  • Peloria lv40 – A green plant that comes up in different places on the field.  Can be hit after opening the fly trap. 1 to 2 more little plants will be slowly placing spikes on the ground. For the most part everything can be dodged easy just make sure to hit fast or retreat for to chance if blocked in. Flying projectiles can be destroyed with normal attacks and can be pound through to deal damage to this out of control gardening experiment with attractive feminine features, no more miracle grow for you!
  • Death Worm Lv50 – Will come out of the ground than go back in at first. Can hit after ever few seconds on certain parts of the Death Worms body. Later will go all the way across the top of the screen dropping bombs, then come back on the ground about half way so watch out. Sections of the worms body will fall of when so much damage is done to it. The head is usually the last piece to fall.
  • Harpy lv60 – Fly’s around pausing before attacking with various moves. Can be be easily hit before getting a chance to fight then will fly off to another position. Stay on it the Harpy for consistent damage and this boss battle is pretty easy. Can be extremely difficult when done wrong. If she flys to one side, expect feather dart up to middle screen, run to center after she throws cause she will ether 1. fly to center to be hit quick 2. fly to other side and repeat, but can be hit quickly when stopping on other side 3. slam down on you from above if your not moving in one direction.
  • Spectral Rider lv70 – Stomps the ground on either side of the field and sends small fore waves the distance of the court. Evade while attacking if can. Eventually enough damage will send the rider flying off the horse floating through the air fire slow homing circles. Probably the hardest boss up until this point. Dodge the purple circles and try to attacks. Avoiding damage is the key as this can be a long fight with weak weapons.
  • lv80 – Huge red dragon that stays on the right side of the screen launching various flame based moves. Don’t be too hasty when attacking and stay to the left to avoid many aerial skills. Hitting him will cancel his action and move the fight forward so continues damage to the dragon makes for less incoming heat and a faster fight.
  • lv90
  • lv100

Boss Rush Mode

Boss Rush Mode costs 10,000 FP to unlock in the Tavern and lets you battle through all the bosses one after another. Great for really getting to know them and exploit their weaknesses.

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