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Slayin Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks WalkthroughThis is a Slaying Wiki with FAQ and Guides along with Tips, Tricks and Walkthrough information. Slayin is an arcade style RPG developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG, though it just came out on Android on Google Play this app has been out for over a year for iOS on iTunes, though apple often charges $.99 to play when it’s free on Android to download.

This Wiki along with the Guides, Tip, Tricks and FAQ info can be updated on a daily based depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for possible more in depth links focusing more specifically on something. Don’t forget to check out the comment bellow as they often have question along with extra information and opinion.

Slayin Wiki

Bosses, Rush Mode Guide, Strategy & Walkthrough

Classes/Character Guide & Easy Fame Points

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Walkthrough

Best Character/Class – The easiest class to beat the game with the least effort would probably be the best character. The knave is a very relaxing character and gets high combos easy with random lightning skill.

Boss Guide – This is a growing list of all bosses in Slayin along with techniques for more easily beating them. This has moved to the Bosses Guide here.

  • Minotaur lv10 – Charges back and forth and is vulnerable to be hit after ramming the wall. Must evade before repeating. Very easy and should often be passed without being touched.
  • Imp lv20 – The Imp either shoots a ball straight across the bottom or one that goes up and down one side to the other. When more boss health is lost will shoot multiple projectile per round. Standing at each end of the screen will dodge the Imps Arial attacks.
  • Royal Slim lv30 – When hit will divide into small pieces twice until fully defeated. Easy to take down, but can be a lot of dodging at times.
  • Peloria lv40 – A green plant that comes up in different places on the field.  Can be hit after opening the fly trap. ! to 2 more little plants will be slowly placing spikes on the ground. For the most part everything can be dodged easy just make sure to hit fast or retreat for to chance if blocked in.
  • Death Worm Lv50 – Will come out of the ground than go back in at first. Can hit after ever few seconds on certain parts of the Death Worms body. Later will go all the way across the top of the screen dropping bombs, then come back on the ground about half way so watch out. Sections of the worms body will fall of when so much damage is done to it. The head is usually the last piece to fall.
  • Harpy lv60 – Fly’s around pausing before attacking with various moves. Can be be easily hit before getting a chance to fight then will fly off to another position. Stay on it the Harpy for consistent damage and this boss battle is pretty easy.
  • Spectral Rider lv70 – Stomps the ground on either side of the field and sends small fore waves the distance of the court. Evade while attacking if can. Eventually enough damage will send the rider flying off the horse floating through the air fire slow homing circles. Probably the hardest boss up until this point. Dodge the purple circles and try to attacks. Avoiding damage is the key as this can be a long fight with weak weapons.
  • lv80 – Huge red dragon that stays on the right side of the screen launching various flame based moves. Don’t be too hasty when attacking and stay to the left to avoid many aerial skills. Hitting him will cancel his action and move the fight forward so continues damage to the dragon makes for less incoming heat and a faster fight.
  • lv90
  • lv100

Boss Rush Mode – Boss Rush Mode cost 10,000g to to unlock in the Tavern. It always you to fight all the bosses continually without battle through many monsters.

Characters/Classes, Skills, Gear -

  • Knight – The Knight can buy armor, faster walking speed and attack distance of sword range. A short range melee class that can hold it’s own on the battle field. Required to get in close to everything in order to do damage. Good for learning the basic of both offense and defense. Refilling health and armor at merchants will let you get further easier. You’ll always have enough gold at the next shop to get more health and armor or weapons is extra is available for spending.
  • Wizard 3000fp – Turns her body into a tornado that’s does damage to foes who come in contact. No jumping, just constant movement on the ground from left to right and vice versa. Effect where off and needs to be recharged a second or two before using again. Equip a cloak for stronger magic and faster casting. Became your main attack is basically becoming invincible for a short time you’ll take less damage then the Knight. Normal attack height will increase with every magic book purchased.
    • Flare 40g – Sends a fireball sailing in one direct killing everything in its path. Very useful for its cheap price. Charges fast and raises DPS through the roof. Best fire spell for most situations even late game. Can put extra gold into armor with this cheap buy. Be ready to pic up lots of gold and silver fast or you could waste a lot of earning holding you back in the long run.
    • Dancing Flame 80g – Slow orb that circles the play doing damage. Passive and always going. Can be good for extra shielding and might be a good early alternative. Only move to destroy baddies underground.
    • Fire Column 140g – Charge a flaming column when not attacking. Tap attack to unleash. The column will stay in place when used going from the ground to out of the top of the screen and is about the same width as the tornado. Can take along time to charge and has a small kill area as not many enemies are in bunches straight up.
    • Ice Shard 170g – Charges a dagger of magic ice when not attacking. Tap attack to unleash.
    • Frost Storm 200g – Launches a snow flake left, right and up they freeze everything they com in contact with. Not very useful when compared to Flare as the enemies will unfreeze out fast leaving them to be kill with only normal attacks. I would skip this one at all times.
    • Lightning Ball 250g – Charges a ball of shocking electricity. Acts just like Flare, but takes slightly longer to charge due to more power. Kills all enemies on the ground in one direction and damaging things a short distance off the ground. A good transition from Flare if that what your into.
    • Chain Lightning 350g 1p – Wave of lightning bolts.
    • Ancient Whisper 420g 2p – Freezes all enemies with fear.
    • Ruin of the Ancients 500g 3p -
    • Sorcery Cloak Armor 150g – Increase magic and cast spells even faster.
    • Wizard Cloak 500g 1p – Cast spells very fast.
  • Knave 5,000fp – I bet your wondering what a Knave is. Has duel wielding daggers that point left and right at the same time. Focuses on increasing coin drops rates for more health recovery. Does a good job of not being flanked except from above and below. No immunity to enemy damage. Relaxing to play when compared to others. Higher rate of coin drops will lead to massive health recovery.
    • Cirrus Blade 600g 2p – More gold dropped by enemies and add random lightning strike. Very good for keeping combos going with the lightning hitting at a moment when you cant reach something. Often the lighting will take out multiple target and strike in two locations at once. Will have no problem maintaining combos.
    • Lucky Strike 680g 2p – Small chance of large coins dropping and can destroy flying skulls from graves.
    • Thunder Dagger 750g 3p – Drops explosive traps while jumping whit a limit of 1 trap at a time.
    • Gambler Coat 175g 1p – More luck with better chance of enemies dropping money.
    • Journeyman Coat Level 500g 1p – More luck and speed.
  • Archer 12,000fp/free – Can be gotten free from watching a video pop up sometime when entering normal mode, maybe after playing for a bit or unlocking the Wizard than Knave. I wouldn’t pay for this class, but instead wait for the ad and get it for free. Main attack is a slide that has slightly more distance thana tornado from a wizard, but doesn’t strike up. Can tap attack while moving to launch arrows a short distance forwards which can take out flying enemies.
    • Sturdy Arrow 80g – Sticks to ground after shoot.
    • Flame Arrow 180g – Creates a fire explosion when lading.
    • Bounce Arrow 250g – Bounces back into the air again when hit the surface.
    • Soldier’s Quiver Level 100g – More arrow power and can pierce 2 targets.
  • Tamer 15,000fp -
  • Ninja 18,000fp -

Coins – Coins are dropped in gold and silver form while playing. They allow for the purchase of merchandise at Shops and will refill health slightly when picking up. When your combo goes up gold coins will start to drop which are worth 2 each.

Combos – Increase your combo number by killing things before the timer runs out on the top left. 1 kill will only recharge the meter a short distance so many will be needed to keep it full. The higher you combo the more gold coin and treasure chests you’ll get. A high Score with combos is the best way to gear up fast and beat level 100 from start to finish.

Dragon Scale – The Dragon Scale can be purchased for 5000fp at the Tavern and allows the player to continue once after dying.

Fame Points – Fame Points are the only source of income in Slayin. You can get Easy Fame Points by playing normal, Advanced and Boss Rush or by purchasing it in the Tavern from the Bard. Free Fame Points can also be acquired by watching videos during pop up ads. You’ll need an internet connection to complete the operation. These are advised for a fast unlocking of all the classes.

Meat – Meat is need to fill about 25% of health and can be purchased at shops. The initial cost is 10g and goes up 5g after every Meat bought.

Quests – Pay attention to Quest that show before starting game modes. They will offer Fame bonuses which can dramatically speed up unlocking everything. You can pause the game at any time to see the Quest list. When achieving something during gameplay you’ll get a pop up letting you know. The top quest is always class specific while the bottom 2 can be completed by everyone.

Resting – In many situations you can wait be walking into the side or each screen edge. This works good with some bosses where running all over isn’t needed.

Shop – The shop will appear after killing so many things and seemed to arrive at the same spots every time. Be sure to hurry to him as he will leave kinda fast. At shops you can use the gold and silver you found to buy upgrades, skills, health and is the main way to upgrade your character when playing. You will also find purple orbs on the battle filed that are needed to buy higher grade items.

Walkthrough – Besides this guide and FAQ have you tried searching for a Slayin Walkthrough on YouTube. For the most part completing this game and unlocking everything is at a relaxing level due to easy fame points. For a basic Walkthrough just keep moving forward trying new things until you find something good. Eventually you can easily farm for the best character. Getting as far as possible with the least effort is the key to fast easy money. Somethings are way better than others while some might seem unfair to enemies for a price.

Weapons – Your weapon is basically your body so each character can be seen as a different weapon.


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