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Sniper 3D Assassin GunsThis is a list of Sniper 3D Assassin Guns with a little information for each. Guns are set up in a manner where your gonna need to buy almost every one. You’ll then need to upgrade it a little before you can move forward. Alternatively, you can grind in ares to save up for better guns, though energy will be and issues as plays are limited. Check out our Sniper 3D Assassin Wiki for more related info.

Most of the guns cost gems including the 2 best ones in the game. If you not planning on spending any money on this game the late level are going to be difficult. Each mission will have a recommended damage amount for completing it. he further you are away from that number the harder things will be.  If your too far from the recommended damage than the mission will be impossible to complete.

Each weapon has 6 different upgrades that can be improved. Not all 6 can be improved for all with some of them only getting better in 4 or 5 areas. You can tell the minimum and max stat before purchase by the light gray line and the number by the type of stat. Weapons that cost diamonds to buy will cost coins to upgrade. All guns have 6 different areas tat can be improved including the Muzzle, Ammo, Body, Grip, Scope, and Clip.

This app may seem really difficult at times. That’s because like many Android tiles the developers want you to throw money at them or their pockets I should say. In these situations your gonna be stuck grinding and waiting for energy to recover.

Sniper 3D Assassin Guns

Sniper Rifles

Hunting Rifle – The first gun that most players will be purchasing. Has the lowest damage out of all the weapons and shouldn’t be upgraded too much. Try to save up for the ArcticWP or APR308 as soon as possible as these will be better upon opening up the a fully upgraded Hunting Rifle.

IPR2A1 –

ArcticWP –

LRL308 –

AssaultS50 –

APR308 –

K84M Tactical –

M107 –

AW50 PDR –

.308 AW Rifle –

APR Tactical –

Assault Rifles

PDW19 –

UAG55 –

PDW-Semi22 –

GKA-12 –

G-36 –

HeavyScarAR –

AKG-468 –

BattleScar –


GA12-BKL –

SPSA 12 –

S114 –

Banelli –


9mm PDW –

P622 –

CA .38 –


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  4. I am trying to get a list of each rifle shotgun assault rifle and pistol and full cost of upgrades cost in list form for example
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