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Sniper 3D Assassin WalkthroughThis is a growing Sniper 3D Assassin Walkthrough with videos a descriptions for each mission. This app is called Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill, but both are the exact same and only going by different names based on mobile platform. Mission will eventually get more difficult than you can manage by just playing straight through. This will make grinding a must to progress through the game. Check out our Sniper 3D Assassin Wiki for more related info.

Each mission uses a certain amount of energy to play which takes time to recharge. The more rewards you’ll get by completing it the more energy will be needed. Guns will also have to be upgraded consistently while moving forward to meet the mission requirements.

This Sniper 3D Assassin: Shoot to Kill Walkthrough can be updated daily depending on the amount of traffic received. Check back in the near future for updated and new content.

Sniper 3D Assassin Walkthrough

Tonka Bay


  1. First Blood – We have just discovered that Mr. Gossip has been acting as a double agent. Eliminate him before he tells our top secrets!
  2. The Meeting – We found out this red jacket guy was responsible for a pizzeria massacre last year. We’ve decided to make sure he won’t ever do that again.
  3. Catch the Thief – A tourist had his backpack robbed right in the next corner. Don’t let the criminal escape with all his money and documents.
  4. Urgent Call – We’ve just confirmed the position of the sniper who’s randomly shooting at innocents! Eliminate him before he hurts another victim.
  5. Hidden Arsenal – Mr. Chumpy’s weapon storage is closer than we thought, but it’s heavily protected by his thugs. Kill them all, without being spotted.
  6. Save the Hostage – Ms. Anita is being held hostage outside Womann Co. and the cops seem too scared to take the shot. Save her life!
  7. Breaking News – A journalist bribed a cop and will pick up a briefcase from the cop. The briefcase is full of sensitive documents. Make him famous in a different way.
  8. Rescue on Fire – The Wee Dealerz gangsters are trying to rescue their mate before he gets transferred to a maximum security prison. Those brave cops need your help!
  9. Trapped in a Corner – Extremists hired a contract killer to wipe out human rights activists. Be quick and kill the killer!
  10. The Final Countdown – A bomb has been planted in a bank and will be remotely detonated in a few seconds. Kill the bomber before his cell phone activates the explosion.
  11. Red Alert – We’ve identified the guy who stole a red briefcase from the luxurious brand Fancy Trendsy. Don’t let him escape
  12. Cowardly Revenge – Eric has been eliminating cops on duty after his brother was killed by many. Officers Kevin is going home with a green backpack.
  13. Born to Run – Running from the police, these two criminals are willing to shoot anyone to avoid being caught. Stop them before they cause another tragedy!
  14. Suicidal Bombing – A new wave of suicidal bombings has spread in the country. Protect your city against acts of terrorism.
  15. Close to Home – After a meeting with the leading members of the street gang, they are being dropped off at their homes. Take this chance to kill one of them!
  16. Nightmare – The quiet life in this neighborhood has never been the same since these riflemen started to prey around the area. Put all of them to sleep.
  17. Love, Sick Love – Increasingly addicted to alcohol and gambling., this man was left by his wife and promised revenge if she didn’t get back to him. Protect the woman!
  18. Surprise Delivery – The mayor intimate photos got in the wrong hands. The blackmailer wants a briefcase full of cash but will get something else: DEATH.
  19. Trespassers Will Be Shot – The police has blocked access to Yonge St. after anonymous calls mentioning an imminent invasion. Protect the cops at all costs!
  20. Globalization – After leaving Russian elite squad Mr. Vodkoff has been hired to kill some of the most wanted snipers. Eliminate him before he is rewarded for killing you.
  21. Xenophobia – Skinheads are on the rise and now are trying to eliminate all foreigners. One of them is chasing a group of tourists on the street. Protect them!
  22. Plan Bomb – After frustrated bank hacking attempts. TOm KOd3R is trying to brute force a cash withdrawal! Kill him before he calls and triggers the explosives.
  23. Infiltrated Spy – We’ve just discovered that a spy infiltrated this federal building to leak information. He uses a green backpack to smuggle the documents.
  24. Blown Cover – One of our undercover agents has been exposed, but he doesn’t know it yet. He is holding sensitive information in a red briefcase and must be protected.
  25. Inspired by TV – Former Chemistry teacher and now drug cartel lord. Valter Eisenberg is always accompanied by his bodyguards. Eliminate all of them.
  26. Deadly Pursuit – That lady is running desperately to escape from a menacing man! Prove that your bullet can reach his head on time. Act fast and shoot him!
  27. Schools Out! – The wave of suicide bombing continues! The next target is heading to a public school that he plans to bring down.
  28. Transfer of Prisoner – A group of henchmen was spotted on rooftops on the route used by the police to transfer El Matador. Don’t let them ruin it!
  29. Serial Hitchhiker – A serial killer has been eliminating taxi drivers during the last month. We finally got an ID on the suspect and we’re chasing him.
  30. Money Talks – Assassin John McCash is after the Metro’s Bank CEO. We know he’s gonna get dropped off at the main entrance this afternoon. Help him!

Spec Ops

  1. Crazy Taxi – After exploding a factory to rob anselmium lingots the robber stole a taxi to escape faster. Kill the criminal before he drives away.
  2. Endangered Species – Two animal traffickers will meet at a dark tunnel to decide where to sell thousands of endangered species. Execute them quickly!
  3. Behind Enemy Lines – After a criminal bust gone wrong, police officer John Smith got trapped on a rooftop with criminals. Clear the way for the cop!
  4. Fear of the Dark – Four highly trained mercenaries are camping in a residential area and shooting who dares to pass by. Use the dark wisely and kill all of them!.
  5. Bloody City Tour – Tired of having heir shenanigans ruined, kings of crime positioned five snipers around the city to attack you! Kill’em and protect your life!

Porter Heights


  1. Long Distance
  2. Take A Break
  3. Dangerous New Trend
  4. Prank Call
  5. Conflicting Opinions
  6. Remote Detonation
  7. Last Words
  8. Taking the Bait
  9. Change of Plans
  10. Body Guard
  11. Into the Crowd
  12. Dealing Drugs
  13. Bomber Man
  14. Ominous Nightmares
  15. Uninvited Guest
  16. You Can Run…
  17. Undetectable Death
  18. Wrong Address
  19. Claiming Your Head
  20. Mugging Gone Right
  21. Cooking With Gunpowder
  22. Drug Mastermind
  23. Old Grudge
  24. Wiretapping Evidence
  25. Security Can’t Take A Break
  26. Sinister Fanaticism
  27. Getaway Driver
  28. Homeless Bomber
  29. Bullseye Precision
  30. Failed Negotiation
  31. Not So Cyber Attack
  32. Under Fire
  33. Hot Pursuit
  34. Shot Down In Flames
  35. Stopping Troublemakers

Spec Ops

  1. A Deadly Takeoff
  2. Parashoot
  3. Line Em’ Up
  4. Territorial Wars
  5. Speed



  1. Kill or Get Killed
  2. Last Chance
  3. Suspicious Activity
  4. College Cleanup
  5. Nighttime
  6. Laying Low
  7. Need Backup!
  8. Gold Luck
  9. Taxi Driver
  10. Night Shooting
  11. Self Protection
  12. Mobile Boom
  13. The Survivors
  14. Stolen Car
  15. The Watchdog Guys
  16. Drug Point
  17. Last Class
  18. School Invasion
  19. Delayed Revenge
  20. Death and Taxes
  21. Sudden Stop
  22. Art Robbery
  23. Bad Broker
  24. Being Hunted
  25. Insurance Fraud
  26. Library Occupation
  27. Moving Stash
  28. Picketing Death
  29. Grown Bully
  30. Cyber Terrorism
  31. New Year’s Day
  32. Bureau Showdown
  33. Busy Intersection
  34. A Normal Day In Russia
  35. Unforeseen Consequences
  36. Source Code
  37. Biohazard
  38. Assault on Precinct 17
  39. Privacy Concerns
  40. Mob Boss Takedown

Spec Ops

  1. Don’t Bring A Knife…
  2. Corrupt Politician
  3. Prison Break
  4. Bank Invasion
  5. Deadly Parade



  1. A Short Story
  2. Dirty Cop
  3. Deadly Race
  4. Cop Trap
  5. Fake Fortune
  6. Ground to Ground
  7. Proxy Bombing
  8. Opportunist
  9. The Bank Heist
  10. Hyper Dealing
  11. Gambling Problem
  12. Small Time Thief
  13. Business Terrorism
  14. Blind Justice
  15. Nighttime Vigilantes
  16. The Sunset of Love
  17. Ransom
  18. DUI
  19. Private Security
  20. Pitch Black
  21. This Is No Comic
  22. Bank Cancellation
  23. Human Slavery
  24. Gang Elimination
  25. Chemicals In The Air
  26. White Collar Crime
  27. Marathon Robber
  28. Serial Mugger
  29. Sniper School
  30. Corrupt Magician
  31. Hateful Boyfriend
  32. End of the Line
  33. Cocky Driver
  34. Clean Sweep
  35. Deepwater
  36. Lawyer Revenge
  37. Extreme Sadism
  38. Death Insurance
  39. The Liberty Bell
  40. The Last Stand

Spec Ops

  1. The Kidnappers
  2. Hurricane
  3. Time Crisis
  4. Barricade
  5. Air-to-Air

More Coming Soon…

  20 Responses to “Sniper 3D Assassin Walkthrough”

  1. what does mean right distance

    • Every gun has a max distance every target is at a distance from you your gun either cant reach the target or you are not aiming right distance to get the target

  2. What weapon after the Hunting Rifle? Need to know what weapon I am supposed to use to be able to continue with the game? I can not find out what weapon I am supposed to switch to after the hunting rifle is fully upgraded? The arsenal just shows the section on sale not which weapon section to go to for the next group of missions!!!! Where are we supposed to go to get the next weapon?? The laziness of developers is getting completely ridiculous!!!! Does no developer ever bother to do more than simply see how fast they came get the game out, and not care that there is no real instructions or indicaters on how to continue??? Was fun but screw this, I do not need the f***ing frustration!!!! I choose this game to help release some frustrations not multiply them!!!

    • Repeat the mission to collect money, buy higher tier weapon, example tier 5, and upgrade some so you can easily go through tier 3,4,5.
      Farm money at tier 5 mission (i use multi kill mission which give you 15k/mission). Buy higher tier weapon.
      Its repetitive game.

    • What do you need to upgrade ? Some lower weapons have higher damage or range then higher weapons

    • Just like when you go to the gun store you have alot to choose from do you must get info on all in store that interests you then decide which one will do the most for the longest period of time

  3. The BS and no instructions means I quit back in March, when I posted my comment!!!!!!!!!!! I needed a game to relax with not get so frustrated with that I SHATTERED my iPad 2 against the wall!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck to anyone actually able to PLAY the game! F**K those willing to ‘WORK’ the game!!


  4. Sniper 3d assassin jansburg mission 38 asssult on precinct 17 video is incorrect.
    The correct one has a guy on the right running and hiding behind a tree. You cant see him but you now he is there because the cop is shooting at him

  5. Can’t seem to get past “Kidnapper” in Small Valley. Every which way I shoot him, I get a “an innocent has died”. Frustrated beyond belief.

  6. I’m stuck on the investigation mission I quit playing forever ago and just started to play a few days ago I killed all but the high roller boss and it says he is on porter heights ep 15 uninvited guest but as of september 8th uninvited guest has been replaced with domestic disturbance I still have the investigation missions for the high rollers to get the Barrett phantom 400 but I am literally stuck I’ve searched for about 3 days and all websites say uninvited guest but it’s been replaced????

  7. I’m not able to download next mission martinvelli please help me how to download
    Mail me tau.ahsan@gmail.com

  8. What is the max tier requirement , I can not get past level 65

  9. last chance is Jandsburg video is wrong

  10. How do I see the messages. It has shown 2 since after starting the game.

  11. The walk through for “Gold Luck” looks nothing like the one I have (sniper 3D assassin shoot-to-kill)
    And in spite of the hint, I see nothing interesting behind any walls.

  12. When is the next tier coming out I’m tired of doing wanted missions

  13. What does it mean…. ” 10 m to delivery in the upgrade section ” ??

  14. Can I use a tier 5 weapon in a tier 2 mission? I’ve got a lot of gold and money saved up, but I don’t want to get a higher tier weapon if I can’t use it until I get to that tier. Right now I’m in the Porter Heights, but I’d like to purchase a tier 5 and up weapon – again, I don’t want to get it if I can’t use it right now. Thanks in advance!!

  15. Does anybody know the cheat to get past spec op 5 Schalltein? I have tried probably 30 times and can’t get through… the damn thing hesitates, gun doesn’t fire on full auto even though I’m pushing the right area( it’ll do full for about 2secs. then it kinda goes slow auto , slower than when I fire with my finger individual shot), and it doesn’t aim right also it’s like my shooter is in slow mode while the helicopter is flying normally!!! I’ve been killing the hell out of the other needed areas, have $9,293million and 558 diamonds, kinda getting pissed and somewhat bored ( hard to get bored killing bad guys and blowing heads off ) need to move on to next area … HELP!!!???

  16. What are the skull coins for (versus the regular coins)?

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