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Soda Dungeon Best Team Party Pet SetupHere is some Soda Dungeon Best Team or Party info to help move things along encase your missing something listed here. Not sure how far I wanna go into this game, but check back for updated content in the near future. Visit the Soda Dungeon Wiki for all related video game info on this domain.

Best Team/Party Setup

If your new to the game I wouldn’t worry too much until going through the Portal and unlocking Relics, Essence & Dimensions.

At the start the best party or team is going to be the strongest patron you can hire. This will give you the biggest jump forward as they are usually better in every way than previous units. You probably wont ever get 5 of all one kind except for Soda Junkies at the start, seems more beneficial to choose top guys down after some Inn shuffling.New party members might not seem strong at first. but try them out and they move the game along.

Then it’s just a matter of having good gear which is found mostly in the dungeon especially after early in the game. The shop seems to be more for selling though there could be a few surprises around the corner. Boss chest and random drops are the way to go for upgrades and the further you can get the better. The amount of items is more than enough to keep the upgrades coming and the buffs attached are a nice variation increases.

You’ll probably be maxed out in the best stuff before moving on unless you take the time to farm in your spare time.

Best Pet

Before you can have pets you’ll need to complete floor 50 to open up the VIP menu at the bartender. In the VIP shop your gonna need to fork over 500,000 gold before you can use and store team pets.

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