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Soda Dungeon Portal Relics Essence DimensionThe Soda Dungeon Portal becomes available when you complete stage 100. It’s advised to portal right away unless you need to make some upgrades at the tavern. When you use portal for the first time many things in the game will reset but you’ll get to choose one of 3 relics and unlock essence dropped randomly from enemies to upgrade the relics.

The only thing that will carry over to the new dimension will be Tavern upgrades to be sure to dumb extra gold first be for leaving.

I have to say though needing to delete everything once reaching such a pivotal moment is kind of scary, and I just found a Gold shield. Visit the Soda Dungeon Wiki for all related mobile game info on this domain.

When You Portal this happens:

Catacombs – reset to floor 1

Gold – reset to zero

Gear – reset to bottle and stool

Soda – reset to Peasant

Tavern Upgrades – These will stay so you can sell all and spend it here before portaling.

VIP – ?

Relic – You’ll get to choose from 1 of 3 relics each giving a permanent boost to the entire party (Best Team/Party & Pet Setup) at the start of the new dimension. The chooses range from HP, Atk and MP buffs. When playing again each enemy will have a chance to drop a essence piece that will improve the relic for more potency.

Essence – Once the portal has been passed through enemies will randomly drop essence that is used to improve relics.


Whats a dimension? It’s like another area in the same area like another world around you that cant be seen or experienced, that’s all I got. You wanna open up the dimensions asap for relic power, it’s the only way to achieve max potential.

When floor 100 is completed for the first time this option will become available when entering town again. Just tap the portal outside in the grass to initiate what might seem like a really bad move and read the next few pop up notes, you can back out in the end. Only reason to keep going at first would be a few tavern upgrades.

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