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Soda Dungeon Wiki Guide Tips Tricks Cheats FAQSoda Dungeon Wiki with Guides, Tips, Tricks, Cheats and FAQ. Soda Dungeon is a free adventure role playing game available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Soda Dungeon Wiki can be updated regularly with Guides, Tips and Tricks depending on popularity, check back in the near future for more content and new comments.

Soda Dungeon Wiki & Guide

Best Team/Party & Pet Setup

Portal, Relics, Essence & Dimensions


For the most part you be upgrading party members and heading into the dungeon. It may seem like the same old story and it is, but the developers left enough fun to keep it going.

Find stronger items the further you go at the same time upgrading various features to be stronger and go deeper.

Upgrade Tavern

Stools – More stools more people
Tables – More tables more patrons
Armory – Buy once and that’s all folks, go further to open more gear.
Casks – Reduce cost for hiring help.
Beds – Use the bed function to re-roll folks visiting the tavern for 10 gold each.
Wizard – Lets you pay to warp ahead in 10 floor increments, cost is floor number minus 10 gold.
Decor – Improved tavern look with more reputation.
Kitchen – Increases parties max HP by 2% with 10 upgrades for a total of 20%.
Banker – Earn gold while the game is closed, pretty sure payout is based on time and current funds. Good to purchase the earliest one sooner than later.
No Ads – Cost 1 million gold and you free of ads, though they aren’t to intrusive when compared to other titles with less funability.

Upgrade Soda’s

You can see a check list of all the patrons by tapping the “?” in the tavern.
Peasant – Soda Junky HP10 A1
Dr. Slurp – Ruffian HP15 A3 Rep50
Dungeon Mist – Conscript HP25 A5 Rep100
Grapp – Fighter HP30 A7 MP15 R250
Cherry – Conjurer HP28 A6 MP25 R400
H. Fize – Healer HP27 A7 MP35 R525
Loot B. -Thief R650
Questing – Knight R750
Regal- Merchant R750
Drink 0 – Darkmage R800
Fury X-treme – Ragezerker R1000


After stage 50 the VIP section is opened up where thing are on the expensive side with more unique buffs

Tips & Tricks

Auto – The auto function is a good way to farm gold and items when your away from your device or computer. It wont take long to build up some cash without having to play much.

Fork In Road – When your paying attention and not letting the game go on auto there will often be 2 pillars that pop up. One will reward you with a treasure while the other is a trap that has a chance to inflict multiple party members. Not picking anything might be the safest option in some cases.

Gear – The auto equip can be a bit of a pain as the back row characters have more strength, but equip gear last giving them the weakest stuff. To maximize potential put the better items on the back row party members or the last 2.

Max Depth – If you want to got the furthest you’ll need the best patrons. The better the are the further you’ll go getting new items along the way.

Party Control – You can add a few of one class the role the Inn to get more of that same class. You will probably never get 5 in one roll besides Soda Junkies so this is the only way to do so. Using the 5 highest rank classes might not be the best option when healing is also needed for longevity.

Warp – Warps can be found when having to choose different paths in time. The will transport you to a location somewhere ahead which can get you killed easy if it’s too far in.


No Ads – You can most likely avoid ads by playing offline or you can spend the million gold in game for a permanent removal.

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