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SoulCraft 2 Best Hero CharacterBelow is information on the Best Hero/Character in SoulCraft 2. At the very bottom is a poll where you can cast your vote on your 2 best Heroes/Characters. This should help you get a quicker view of who is good and who is not the best.

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There are 8 different characters to choose from. In the beginning you can only choose 3 which are Barbarian,Phoenix, and Gladiator. The other 5 are Blade Master, Duskwing, Dawnguard, Crystal Knight and Ghostwing.

During gameplay you can switch out to other characters keeping everything like exp and gear, everything stays the same but who you play with. The game mention that some may be better for different play style so it might be good to try out more.

My person best to start out with would be the Barbarian. He has a skill that makes all hits criticals which stacks nicely with other skills. There are all very similar with the only real difference being their 3 assigned skills and looks. All gear is the same for everyone obviously as when you switch everything stays the same.

To switch for free your gonna have to use the Lottery which can be done  once a day. Once you pay 675 coin to unlock a hero it can be switch to as much as you like for free always. I would suggest saving up for the All Heroes Pack as you get 8 for the price of 3, plus what ever new ones come out in the future.

Keep in mind that even the first character pick is not free. Once you switch to someone else via lottery you’ll need the lottery again to play with him.

The Crystal Knight is a good choice for defense with his double health shield the stuns and damages enemies when depleted. Alternatively you can flee and slow enemies as a Frozen imp or spam crystal mines with .5 second cooldown.

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