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SoulCraft 2 Characters Classes GuideThis is a SoulCraft 2 Characters and Classes Guide to help clear up some of the how to questions. In the begging you can only choose one of the first 3 characters. You can then choose other later by purchasing them with coins or participating in the once a day free Hero Lottery.

Keep in mid that the first class used will not be acquired for free. Once you switch to another character you’ll have to purchase the one prier to switch back or use the lottery again. For more on what to choose visit are Best Hero/Character post.

Visit our SoulCraft 2: League of Angels Wiki and Guide for more info.

SoulCraft 2 Characters

Barbarian – The Might of Heaven

Jump Into the fray and spin around furiously slashing at enemies with critical attacks.

Cleave (Weapon DMG) – Fight against multiple enemies at once with wide, cleaving swings. Special: Every 4th attack in a row has a 100% chance for a critical hit dealt to all enemies around.

Whirlwind – 54 Mana 12s CD, Magic DMG – Start spinning and moving faster at the same time damaging surrounding enemies.

Leap – 0 Mana 7s CD, Magic DMG – Lift off into the air and smash the ground with your weapon

Berserk – 54 Mana 18s CD, Damage Buff – Enter a berserk mode where all you attacks are guaranteed critical hits.

Phoenix – The FlameBringer

Engulf your enemies in fire and empower your abilities for more powerful skills.

Flame Strike (Weapon DMG) – Throw your weapon and deal fire damage upon impact knocking enemies back from the explosion.

Rupture – 27 Mana 3s CD, Magic DMG – Rip open the ground in front of you stunning all enemies caught and dealing damage over time with lava pools. Empowered increases the size of lava pools.

Fireball – 0 Mana 8s CD, Magic DMG – Turn into a fireball, dealing damage to all enemies you pass through. Empowered also leaves behind a trail of fire that deals damage.

Empower – 54 Mana 18s CD, Buff – Summons 3 fire globes that encircle you for up to 8 seconds. Each globe empowers one of your next abilities and is consumed in the process.

Gladiator – The Glorious Champion

Take down any foe with a well rounded set of abilities with high single target damage.

Rampage (Weapon DMG) – Leap across battle, brutally crushing enemies one-by-one. Every 3rd attack charges a single enemy knocking them up and dealing tons of damage.

Lance of Destiny – 21 Mana 1s CD, Magic DMG – Throws a lance that hits a single target. Deals damage if it hits at a greater range.

Dash – 0 Mana 7s CD, Magic DMG – Resolute forward dash. Dodges enemy attacks and damages all enemies passed.

Warstomp – 60 Mana 15s, Stun – Stomp heavily down on the ground to stun all enemies around you and shatter their bones.

Blade Master – The Conjurer of Steel

Throw deadly blades and even your weapon at enemies from range using magic.

Weapon Throw (Weapon DMG) – Throws your weapon at a single enemy. Keeping the button pressed will keep the current target locked.

Boomerang – 38 Mana 2s CD, Magic DMG – Magically send your weapon to fly through enemies and return to you dealing damage on both trips.

Wisp Form – 0 Mana 6.5s CD, Utility – Briefly transforms into a fast ghost light to move out of danger.

Bouncing Blade – 38 Mana 15s CD, Magic DMG – Throws a magic blade at an enemy which bounces to two more enemies stunning all of them briefly on hit.

Duskwing – The Swift Shadow

Deals high burst damage against single enemies while dashing between your foes.

Assassinate (Weapon DMG) – Attacks single enemies with powerful blows.

Deathmark – 21 Mana 0.5s CD, Magic DMG – Marks an enemy for death symbolized by a sword floating above his head. Reactivation: If an enemy is marked for death you can use this ability to dash to his location.

Smoke Grenade – 0 Mana 10s CD, Slow – Drop a smoke bomb that slows enemies in the area and boosts your own movement speed briefly.

Sword of Damocles – 27 Mana 1s CD, Magic DMG – Marks an enemy for death symbolized by a sword floating above his head. Reactivation: If an enemy is marked for death this ability will strike him with a sword from above.

Dawnguard – The Sunkeeper

Enchant your weapon and call down the power of the sun to defeat the forces of darkness.

Sunfire (Weapon DMG) – Call upon the sun’s searing light to deal immense damage to single enemies. 1st attack applies Sunfire to all enemies surrounding you. The 4th attack deals extra damage to a single enemy if its an active Sunfire mark.

Lightbeam – 41 Mana 8s CD, Magic DMG – Send out a persistent beam of light towards the closest enemy. Damages all enemies in that direction for a few seconds.

Illuminate – 0 Mana 7s CD, Utility – Briefly Transforms into a light wisp and marks all nearby enemies with Sunfire. The Sunfire mark can be consumed with other abilities for powerful effects.

God Rays – 63 Mana 16s CD, Magic DMG – Powerful light rays damage nearby enemies from above. Special: If enemies hit by God Rays are marked by Sunfire they will also be stunned.

Crystal Knight – The Unbreakable

Channel the power of souls crystals to shield you and stun and slow your enemies.

Smash (Weapon DMG) – Powerful smashes to the ground launch enemies into the air.

Explosive Crystal – 32 Mana 0.5s CDm Magic DMG – Plant a disruptive crystal that detonates after 6 seconds or upon reactivation of this skill.

Crystallize – 0 Mana 10s CD, Slow – Turn into a fast protective frozen wisp slowing all enemies you pass through.

Crystal Shield – 82 Mana 25s CD, Shield – Activate a shield for 100% of your health that decreases over time. When it runs out or upon reactivation the shield explodes, stunning and damaging enemies based on the shield amount left.

Ghostwing – The Ethereal Assassin

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with swift movement and trickery.

Aether Strikes (Weapon DMG) – Alternates between an area damage and single attack.

Haunted Weapon – 32 Mana 1s CD, Magic DMG – Throw your weapon at enemies dealing area damage.

Ghost Dash – 21 Mana 2s CD, Magic DMG – Dash Forward dealing damage to enemies passed and leaving behind a ghost image.

Soul Bomb – 0 Mana 11s CD, Magic DMG – Trigger an explosion at the position of your ghost image or yourself. The explosion knocks enemies away from it’s source.

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