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SoulCraft 2 League of Angels Wiki GuideA SoulCraft 2 League of Angels Wiki and Guide with a growing database of knowledge. SoulCraft 2 is currently only available on Android and is free to download with lots of payed options. Check back in the near future as this SoulCraft 2 Wiki and Guide can be updated daily.

SoulCraft 2: League of Angels Wiki Guide

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When you start SoulCraft 2 League of Angels for the first time it may seem like you’ll need to always be connected to the internet. After signing into one of the 4 account options you will be able to play offline for most of the single player story. Obviously you’ll have to be connected to the internet to participate in multiplayer and other parts of the app.

In the beginning you’ll have to select 1 of 3 available heroes each with their own 3 special moves. To change these later your gonna have to do it randomly with a lottery spin that can be done daily. Otherwise you can spend coins earned in game to unlock them and switch freely between them. You will however not be able to purchase all of them without paying real money.

Gameplay consists of moving down a linear path where the monster get stronger and stronger. You can purchase gear in the store, but the level of gear needs to be constantly refreshed. Refreshing can be done for free once per day after that your gonna have to use coins which are very hard to come by or spirits which are more plentiful.

There is a multiplayer option that lets you compete with others. You can also create a guild and participate in ranking to become the best.

Special enemies with green health bars drop loot like potions, gems, and equipment. Items can be upgraded to do mare damage or protect you from normal or magic damage. There are many other stat bonuses like movement speed and increased hit points.

Beware free gamers! This app is heavily geared towards paid options. I must say though there is an extreme lack of games like these for mobile. SO you should at least give it a chance if this is the type of thing your looking for.

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