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Squad Arena - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesThe Squad Arena in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a place to play others online, but not in real time, instead you’ll be facing off against a players stats they may have had at one time.

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Arena Shipments & Tokens

When completing battle successfully you’ll earn token that can only be used in the Squad Arena at the bottom of the screen. Inside the Shipments you’ll find sets of 5 shards for many different characters, not sure if all characters will pop up like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker over time, but looks to reset the same list.

When the timer runs out the options will change so make sure you get what’s needed before hand or save it for later. There will also be chances to purchase rare items according to in-game tips. Tokens can be found in Daily Activity gifts.

Below is a list of the characters you can by along with the number of shards it takes to complete them the first time.

Light Side

Admiral Ackbar 80
Coruscant Underworld Police 10
Eeth Koth 50
Stormtrooper Han 50
Ugnaught 25

Dark Side

Asajj Venturess 50
Darth Sidious 80
Greedo 25
HK-47 80
IG-88 50
Nute Gunray 80
Savage Opress 50

Rank & Prizes

Increasing your rank by playing higher rated players is the name of the game. The down side is the amount of tries you get won’t be enough for a #1 rank without spending crystals for an early reset, then when you do the the reward will be less or negative. Each day you’ll get a notice in your inbox with the earnings from the Arena.

Tips & Tricks

The guy on the right will always have the highest rank just make sure their level isn’t too high. If things look too tough keep tapping the refresh button until something better come along.

Daily Activities require 3 missions to be completed, but you might have already known that.

For the most part things are pretty simple from the get go. Here’s some info on the Best Characters to narrow down the large selection if you still  need help in that area.

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