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Squad Cantina Battle - Star Wars Galaxy of HeroesThe Squad Cantina Battle in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes opens up when the player reaches level 28 which also unlock another purple energy gauge. Getting to level 28 can happen pretty fast if you take advantage of a couple paid energy refills and daily quests. Once the Squad Cantina Battle is opened more exp can be gained at once.

For the most part things are pretty easy to get the hang of. You’ll be held back from the start with no easy tasks, try to build things up and keep moving forward somewhere in the app. For all related info on the domain visit our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki.


Credits – You can earn credits with each stage completed and use them to buy 5 shards at a time a few characters along with ability upgrades. Since there are only a few here and you’ll most likely have to spend them on one good unit best to pick the one that suits your needs and max it.

Experience – You get exp for Squad’s at a rate of 1 exp per energy which adds a healthy boost to progress. Best not to miss out on this area pretty much ever unless your planning on bringing your own lightsaber.

Gain rewards to upgrade unit abilities – The first stage should be completed with 3 stars early for easy ticket farming and ability improvements. From there on try to push forward for the bigger and better items. The other place available up until this point for abilities is the Challenge area.

Shards – There are shards specific to each level for the Best Characters and getting them sooner rather than later will make a big difference in the long run of things.


Sim Tickets – You can get more tk’s from buying yellow energy compared to half when purchasing purple energy. Other than that you can get theses bad boys from moving forward in the main missions

Too Hard? – Sometimes life is tough, suck it up, stop crying. Try advancing in other ares of the game or upgrading player equipment. Since all players can be used try taking multiple healers and group attackers for max DPS and/or healing. You could trying aiming for the toughest units like Darth Vader.

Under Construction – So far there are 4 spaces that say Coming Soon. With the fourth one unlocking at lv53 how high is this thing trying to go. They defiantly lets some room to play with, my guess is something special after movie release.

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  1. My roommate is a level 55. No new spaces have opened up past key card battles, is this mystery something that will happen in the future, level 53 is the requirement to unlock

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