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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Characters GuideA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Characters Guide with info on the most useful party members and an improvement over the last post of it’s type. Some units may seem weak at first, but increasing abilities can really give way to some helpful skill additions. Be sure to upgrade even the most basic skills as they are almost sure to hold a use effect, especially if it was already lacking.

When looking for shards many of them can be found by completing different hard mode stages and the Squad Cantina Battle. Also be sure to check all areas for Shipment tabs ass they often hold shard packs for various people.

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Light Side Top 5

These are 5 of the best characters, some are easy to come by while other may take more patience.

Barriss Offee (Healer) – The best healer that I have yet to find in the game. Besides having the ability to heal tons to injured members she can also heal the party passively when striking enemies making for even more HP regan. So far I have only found shards in the Bronzium Data Cards. The first time was Barriss Offee, about 2 draws later I got her again only the gave me 32 shards, luck or programming not completely sure.

Clone Wars Chewbacca (Tank) – A starting unit that seems weak at first, but comes in handy in the future with taking fire away from near death party members and acting as a good tank. Not so big on attacking Chewbacca is more of a target to keep the weak living longer.

Jedi Consular (Healer) – A healer that helps keep everyone on their feet. Another starter unit that will probably be with you most of if not all the game. Group healing plus strong attacks and a lightsaber is a win win win.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben) (Tank) – Does a great job of hindering enemy abilities and removing their turn meters. Helps the party with increased evasion and when he dies raises everyone’s evasion and critical chance.

Luminara Unduli (Attacker) – A group healer with strong attacks and Force Blast which can stop enemies skills for a short time. Can go wrong with HP recovery for the whole group, kind of hard to take down a party when everyone keeps helping everyone.

Dark Side Top 5

Count Dooku (Support) – This guy just keeps coming with his high chance to strike twice in a row, faster meter recharge and 100% counter attack rate he will probably be hogging the DPS. You’ll soon find when facing this guy out in the open that he need to go down fast cause healers can’t keep up. Count Dooku seems almost too powerful, though I’m sure it fits some kind of movie plot line.

Darth Vader (Attacker) – Very powerful when it comes to the Dark Side and all attacks to good damage. When teamed up with a full dark side crew things will get even more damaging with increased group attack power. So far the only place I’ve seen Darth Vader shards is from Achievements, though I’m sure there has to be another source somewhere.

Darth Maul (Attacker) – Not a tough starting out as the last 2 guys, but good at dealing damage at an increase rate. Has groups attack and group evasion passive for Sith friends.

Boba Fett (Tank) – Similar to Darth Maul with more meter on kills. Has group attack with chance of stopping enemy abilities on the next turn like a slow spell. All allies gain 25% crit damage which is pretty awesome when it come to pushing the limits of DPS of both sides. Also has a chance to revive when killed in battle, surprise!

Talia (Healer) – A starting character and on of the few healers for the Dark Side. The downside about the healing part is that she takes HP loss to heal others. Can also heal while attacking and poison enemies. Offers evasion bonus to Nighsisters and half to everyone else.

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  1. Are you going to update this to include the new characters?


  2. Captain phases is arguably the best dark side leader on the game but his name isn’t mentioned?

  3. I second Beej’s comment. This listing of characters has been a very good point of referance since I began playing. Can you please update this with the new characters?
    Thanks for all your work on this.

  4. We are waiting for Yoda ;) You should work on abilities upgrading because I have no reason in upgrading my Count Dooku skills because they would be worse then and I need to upgrade them more to get the same power of them.

  5. Darth Sidious should be in the Top 5 dark side characters, maybe ahead of Boba Fett. Inflicting healing immunity is a huge advantage, especially when going against Chewbacca (who is used by 90% of players)

  6. Does anyone know how to get 3 stars on 6j on light side Star Wars galaxy of heroes? I can’t seem to beat the level?

  7. How come Sidious isn’t in your top 5 and he is #1 to people who actually play.

  8. People,

    It looks like totally less than top1000players. Check top 10 in arena, there u find other combinations.
    Now many use palaptine wedge bigs royal leya . Also some include new rogue one chars as they are sick. Baze malibus+jynn+casian.
    Others in top 100-200 have droid or jawa combinations.

    To conclude, u need focus on speed and good aoe skills, what makes you hit 30000dmg before enemy even hits u.

    Arena 100-200( anakim leya luminara key-jin-yong palaptine)

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