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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Characters TeamStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Characters and Best Team info with polls below. This is growing so check back for new stuff and user submitted data in the near future. For all related content on this website visit the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki.

Don’t forget to check out the new Star Wars movie The Force Awakens Dec 18, 2015. You probably already know that, but just encase I thought I should let you know.

For the most part this game will be a long ride with the end needing lots of grinding to complete. If your new to these types of game then your in luck, if your used to these game features it could be better than what your used to or more of the same. Some Release Date info if your interested.

Light or Dark?

There is a total of 65 playable characters divided into 35 light and 30 dark. This gives the main missions almost 2 completely different area’s as each side must stay in there light or dark variant mission group until Squad Cantina Battles lv28 where both sides can be used.

For the fastest progression you might want to focus on one path first for better rewards, then move on to the other side with easier progress. Energy will be a factor later on as catch up up can be cheap. It’s a good idea to keep both sides going as light characters will need upgrade parts from the dark side.

With achievements only producing shards for Darth Vader it could be more accurate to push through the light until Darth can be unlocked for his high DPS.

Faster Leveling

Leveling can happen pretty fast when moving forward and staying closes to maxed out. When energy is low crystals can be spend for more, cost will go up though it resets back to 50 the next day. Once player level 28 is reached the Squad Cantina Battle will open up with more energy reserves making for even faster leveling.

Using Sim Tickets makes things go super fast. Other games like these on mobile won’t usually let you earn exp while ticketing, hopefully they don’t take it out in the future. It’s probably better to use Sims for upgrading gear when in situation to burn through them for exp purposes.

Best Characters

There are currently 35 light and 30 dark characters available for play though I’ll bet they come out with more around the movie release December 18th, 2015. My guess is they will add some to each or at least even out the count.

Starting Out – When starting out you won’t have much to choose from. Upgrading almost everyone you have will be a must in the early stages to get 3 stars on the first play through, even then it will be difficult.

Count Dooku – Can be gotten very early on both sides on hard and has crazy DPS. With each attack he can get a double hit, plus he has a 100% Counter Attack rate so he always hits back. It’s common to see Count Dooku hit 5 times when everyone else only gets to go once in a turn. Right now this guy is overpowered for sure, hopefully they don’t change things.

Best Team

When starting the game party size is limited, but after a short time things will open up the max of 5. Even then though you’ll be in short supply unless you grind Hard for specific shards. Your gonna be stuck with the first 5 light and dark you find for a good portion of the early game.

Only one Leader ability can be active at a time and they must be placed in the top left corner during unit selection. You’ll see the skill name pop up in the side bar next to the team lead. At the start Chewbacca is the only light side with leadership fro group defense

Working on a Walkthrough & Leveling Guide to really Jedi through this app, if you know what I’m sayin.


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  10 Responses to “Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Best Characters Team”

  1. What about darth sidious? Who else is missing? When you add them, they’ll start as voted worse than they are…

  2. Sidious is good for applying de-buff to enemies and having two other allies with attacks that take bonuses to enemies with de buffs, you have a potent attacking team.

  3. what about Kylo Ren??

  4. You forgot to list Poe Dameron! I think he is one of most underrated character in the game but he is pretty solid once you get his abilities to Lv 4.

  5. Why yoda isn’t in the game?

  6. Where is Jarr Jarr

  7. Is there an updated link with more characters? The ones I see missing are

    Poe Dameron
    Kylo Ren
    Captain Phasma

  8. Sidious is overrated. He attacks, and i just use admiral snackbar, to remove all effects and heal my team. Way too low hp aswell, always start out attacking him, since his anti heal can be troublesome.

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