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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events Keys Galactic WarStar Wars Galaxy of Heroes Events, Keys and Galactic War are some of the last features to unlock. Getting to them can be quicker if you know how to level faster, if you don’t want fast leveling technique then skip next 2 paragraphs.

To gain player levels faster make good use of Daily Reward Exp and Energy purchases with crystals. When buying 120 Energy 20 Sim Tickets for 50 crystals then price will go  up to 100c, when that happens wait a short time and cost will drop to 50c again. This should get you past level 30 after a day or 2. Once Squad Cantina Battle is open at lv 28 the pace will pick up a bit with more energy and things to do at once.

Make sure to keep your members maxed out for the easiest progression through the game. When things get to tough try out some Hard stages or the opposite side, light vs dark. At first, things might look like their are 2 games, while in reality you’ll have to keep pushing through both the light and dark stages to open up late features. The good thing is that if you stay far ahead in one area the other is pretty easy to play catch up in.

For all Galaxy of Heroes related content on this website visit the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki.

Galactic War

When the player level reaches 40 Galactic War will become available. Not exactly sure what this is, but once I get their I’ll let ya know. One thing is for sure, it’s fun to say Galactic.

- Rules

Use your entire collection of Characters to Battle for exclusive rewards.

Use Galactic War once a day and can be restarted after the reset timer lapses.

All unit health is persistent across battles and not just specific to one fight. Some HP will regenerate between fights.

When a character is killed in battle they will be marked with an “unavailable” until the Galactic War is restarted. This will not have an effect on player usage in other features of the game.

Collect Reward crates after each session and earn War Token to be spent on shards in the shipment area.

Events & Keys

When the player level reaches 52 Events and Event Keys will become available. It’s gonna take about 2 weeks to get this open unless your spending tons on energy refills and kicking aspen.

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