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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Galactic War GuideA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Galactic War Guide with rules, gameplay and Shipment shards. When the main account reaches level 42 the Galactic War area will open up with another Daily Activity for one completion.

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Galactic War Guide – Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes


Use your entire collection of Characters to Battle for exclusive rewards.

Use Galactic War once a day and can be restarted after the reset timer lapses.

All unit health is persistent across battles and not just specific to one fight. Some HP will regenerate between fights.

When a character is killed in battle they will be marked with an “unavailable” until the Galactic War is restarted. This will not have an effect on player usage in other features of the game.

Collect Reward crates after each session and earn War Token to be spent on shards in the shipment area.


Since you’ll keep the same health between battle its a good idea to heal at the ends of matches and keep an eye on HP. For the most part your just moving forward on a track facing stronger enemies as you move on. Allies cannot be used like the Squad Arena.

After each battle there will be a chest on the path that must be tapped to open for a reward, prizes will get better the further you get. Every few chests contain War Tokens that can be used in the shipment area.

Things will eventually become to hard until at higher levels. This is when you have to wait until the next day or the Restart button may already be charged from the day before, then reset can occur right away.

Shipments & War Tokens

When completing missions you will eventually find War Tokens in the chests afterwards. These can be spent in the shipment area on 5 shards for various characters that can only be purchased once in a time frame. The character choices will never change and is a good place to earn shards for a certain someone.

Below is a list of the characters shards that are obtainable, there side affiliation and the total number of shards need to acquire the first time.

Light Side

Biggs Darklighter 25
Dathcha 80
Luminara Unduli 50
Resistance Pilot 25
Teebo 25

Dark Side

IG-86 Sentinel Droid 10
Nightsister Initiate 10
Poggle the Lesser 80
Tusken Raider 50

If you need more help choosing the right units check out this short Best Character Guide with a poll.

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