Nov 302015

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Release Date...The PastStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Release Date has already happened encase your still asking yourself this question or someone else is just to lazy to do it themselves. So far it looks like Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has only been Released to the mobile crowd Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

You may already be aware that Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is early hype for the December 18, 2015 big screen release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. If you were not aware than your very welcome.

Check our Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki for more things like Guides and Tips updated regularly depending on popularity. Seems pretty fun for a mobile game, but could take a long time to complete for a short joyride craving. At the very least at least it’s a Star Wars game.

Gameplay Enlightenment

Like many of the games to hit the mobile market these days Galaxy of Heroes will seem familiar with many good features packed in from other titles. Even better they have improved upon the 5 start system and added 2 additional stars for a grand total of 7 stars.

Tons of stuff to do and keep busy with with lots of tingle make you feel good gamer moments includes freebies everywhere. Like most multi character mobile games skill are often the make or break. Jedi Counsal’s Heal skill and extra strength is far better than the first few heroes do to healing being a big issue.

Focusing on a few characters rather than trying to max out everyone will help complete further missions for better farming rewards. Unfortunately, some folks are just for looks and might not get to much party time. More info on the Best Characters here.

This thing should keep someone busy for the next year or so probably at least, thanks to EA you’ll have lots of time to grind with what I hope isn’t the same area’s over and over. EA probably has a hard time dragging gamers away from their other titles where people are stuck in rooms grinding over and over.

Lightsaber Jokes

Is that a lightsaber or are you just happy to see me?

3 Jedi walk into a bar. The first one says “Freeze, this is a stickup!”

Why did the Jedi cross the road? Because he was Luke Crosswalker.

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