Dec 102015

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Walkthrough GuideA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Walkthrough and Guide with information on how to level fast and move forward with less resistance. This app isn’t that bad when it comes to daily play and time completion compared to others with less today and more grinding. Visit the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki for all related mobile game info on this domain.

Walkthrough & Leveling Guide

Best Character – Knowing who to use or who to works towards is a major step when it comes to saving time and playing hard. This Best Character post has a poll giving good insight into who the major players are and who to avoid.

Buying Energy – You can purchase energy refills with crystals and gain 120 energy along with 20 Sim Tickets. The first 2 buy will cost 50 crystals each while the next one will increase to 100 crystals per refill. The cost will reset every day same time as the Squad Arena and most other game features. This will increase the rate of level by a good amount, especially in the beginning which is good for unlocking late game features quicker.

It looks as though just recently they have updated to include more items that cost crystals in Shipment areas. This makes spending the hard to get crystals on energy more of a calculated decision as before there just weren’t that many options. Might want to think twice before blowing everything on refills.

Daily Activities – Doing these every day is a must for advancement as they are one of the best sources for main account experience. When new game features open up a new daily will be added to get gamers in all areas of the app regularly. These area also a good source for Arena Tokens, character exp, crystals and Sim Tickets.

Fast Battles – Most fights are set up so when Auto is selected it’s not going to select the best enemies for removal on it’s own. For speed and accuracy use Auto, but tap the enemy you think should be focused on by the group. Once a target is tapped a circle will show up on it and all attacks will be focused on it. This will fix the party attacking a huge boss where they could have killed everything else first much faster why opposite survivability.

Player Level – You main account or player level in the key to gaining strength on power. Moving this ahead will unlock new area and allow for characters to be upgraded further. This should be the main focus with gaining much experience to advance.

Sim Tickets – These are essential for getting Daily Activities and gear upgrades done fast with taking too much time. Sim Tickets can be acquired normally from Daily Activity rewards, Hard Mode, buying Energy, first time stage completions and areas like Galactic War.

Squad Cantina Battle – This is another area that has it’s own energy bar. Make sure to use all this up when you can for faster leveling. It’s best to push through the ranks until you find a few area that are goo for grinding certain items  or shards.

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