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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki Guide Tips CheatsWelcome to the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Wiki with Guide, Tips, and potential Cheats. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is the latest installment of Lucasfilm Ltd free for download for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes, lightsaber not included.

This Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Wiki will be updated regularly with more Guides, Tips and other stuff depending on popularity. If your hungry for the force than you’ll probably like the just recently released mobile app Star Wars: Uprising.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Wiki

Character Info



  • Count Dooku – Probably the highest DPS most dangerous unit available due to high hit rate and 100% counter attack. When faced with Dooku he just keeps coming, might want to take him down first to save HP. When facing other choosing him to help out will usually make things much easier.
  • Darth Vader

Character Info Spreadsheet View & Download

Spreadsheet contains a growing bulk of information for various character stats and features. There are 65 playable characters total from both the light and dark side that can be used and upgraded.

Guides, Tips & Cheats

Achievements – Many achievements will unlock with simple progression through the game. Others may take more focus so it’s a good idea to check them all out at least once for a basic understanding. While you can find credits, exp, crystals and ally points, the only shards obtains are for Darth Vader.

Allies – When making friends or allies you’ll get to add one to the sixth spot before battle. Choose strong allies for their benefit in battle. Try to load the deck with healers, Count Dooku and other tough guys. This will give you a huge advantage when it comes to moving forward. Later you’ll hit the max and want to delete the weaker links.

Ally Code – Once a certain level is reached the Ally button will show up on the left side menu on the home screen. Here you can add free from in-game, Facebook and by adding the Ally Code. My Ally Code is 674-316-841, the total amount of friends at one time is limited.

Best Characters & Team – Some basic info to help focus on what to do when it comes to high DPS. The hard part is there being so many options. The best thing to do would be check out everyone skills then see who’s worth getting and how soon. Darth Vader looks pretty good for the dark side with big DPS and group support, but be cautious of the dark side my grasshoppers, strong it is, but light sabers don’t have silencers.

Daily Activities – Make sure to do all of these for the big Exp bonus at the end. You can also view your current player experience here.

Enemy & Party Gauges – Top Green bar is for health and the more bar section the bigger HP pool. Bottom Blue bar is the attack timer which indicates when something is going to attack next, FF7!!!

Farming – Besides Sim tickets you’ll probably be using the auto fight function a lot to farm for upgrade items. Auto works good on easier missions while hard ones require more personal attention, while on you can also direct fire at targets.

Fast Leveling – Because you get Exp when using Sim Tickets you can use them to level up fast. When out of energy just buy more Energy and Tickets for 50 crystals and repeat, though cost will increase to 100 crystals but to 50 the next day.

Leader Ability – You can only have one leader ability active at a time during battle. The unit must be placed in the top left slot during unit placement before the battle starts and you’ll see the Leader skill in the left menu.

Light & Dark Side Battles – The single player campaign consists of both Light and Dark that have to be selected individually from the main menu. For the fastest progression it would seem smarter to focus on one first making the next easiest to complete.

Progression – When starting out the game may feel empty and void of things to do, You can scroll left and right on the main screen to see places for new features once certain player levels are reached. If things get to hard on Normal you can try playing on Hard for shards and Stars. There isn’t much to choose from in the beginning, unlocking all 5 light spot should come naturally when moving forward about half way through the second area. You end up having to keep your party close to maxed out for decent progression.

Reset Allies – You can re-roll the ally choices before going into battle by backing out to the main area, then going back to the stage. This is good for getting an upper hand on the competition.

Shipments – After playing a short time the Shipment option will unlock on the main menu top center. This is a great place to find Exp and Items. Once sold out you have to pay or wait for more items, waiting is probably the best option unless your rich. This is a great place to find gear that might be currently unavailable.

Sim Tickets – These are use to complete stages without having to play them. You can find Sim Tickets on Normal and Hard modes for first completion, then just hard. They can also be acquired when purchasing more energy for crystals. Use tickets one hard battles is best for leveling purposes.

Squad Arena – The key to easy winning in the Squad Arena is to beat the guys with the higher rank for the most advancement forward. If their level is low at the same time the battle could be a lot easier. Playing opponents with much higher level seems to make things extremely difficult sometime due to the AI handicap. To get higher rank you could spend some crystals to reset the cooldown timer, this would negate the crystal rewards at the end after awhile and might be best to save for those 8h+ CD’s?

Starting Hero – Jedi Consular seems to be the best to invest in first for his group healing and strong attacks. The Jedi Healing skill recovers 25%+ HP of Consular to each teammate. Getting him up early will help take down big targets and keep party member from dying.

Upgrading Toons – Increasing heroes levels and abilities will make a huge difference when it comes to moving forward. It’s better too have a few really strong players rather than try to upgrade everyone. Group healing, Attack All, Stuns and other useful skills are what makes or breaks, focusing on usability and not looks will make this game go faster.

Lightsaber Jokes

Is that a lightsaber or are you just happy to see me?
3 Jedi walk into a bar. The first one says “Freeze, this is a stickup!”
Why did the Jedi cross the road? Because he was Luke Crosswalker.
Why are Jedi bad assassins? Lightsabers don’t have silencers.
Why did R2-D2 cross the road? To get to it’s X-Wing.
Why does R2-D2 drive an X-Wing? To get the smarter robots.
How does R2-D2 know when it has found the one? When sparks fly.
Why can’t R2-D2 go deep sea diving? It’s only water proof up to 100 meters.
How long does it take to comb a Chewbacca? Depends on how many dangle berries they have.
What does a Chewbacca look liked shaved? An Ewok on stilts that’s shaved.
How does a Chewbacca eat food? They chew it.

Best Light & Dark Heroes Poll

Below is a poll where anyone can choose up to 5 different Heroes or Villains which they think are the best. Right away I would guess the harder to obtain and upgrade they are the better, potentially.

Best 5 Light Side Characters - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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Best 5 Dark Side Characters - Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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  1. I want Plo Koon!! Does any one know how to get him?

  2. It seems like you can change ur username in the game insteade of having Mol eliza how do i change it?

  3. It is questioned as to why Luke has a rifle, I can address this question.

    The answer is Storm Trooper Han…. it is actually really simply, each character is as the character was when it was introduced. That is to say, 1st movie Han dresses like a Storm Trooper, 1st Movie, Luke has a Rifle. This is why you have Old Ben Kenobe because that is how he is in the first movie, as opposed to Qui Gon Jinn who is older than Ben and long dead before the first movie but when he is first seen, he is as he is in the game. I am sure in time they will make changes that will allow growth into the later character or will introduce them separately but for now you get Phase one Clone, maybe later phase 2 and 3.

    I hope this satisfies those whom wondered why. Ask not why, do or do not, there is no why.

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