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Star Wars Uprising Best Class Species Abilities SkillsBelow is information on Star Wars Uprising Best Class/Species and Abilities. For the most part things are pretty straight forward without any complicated calculations needing to take place. Visit the Star Wars: Uprising Wiki for all related mobile game info on this domain.


There are 4 species or classes to choose from at the start of a new game Human, Twi’lek, Mirialan and Zabrak. Besides gun animation changes, like lasers or orbs, there doesn’t seem to be any difference, though class specific missions wouldn’t surprise me. Why not have a poll for fun.

Star Wars Uprising Best Species

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Abilities & Skills

At the start there are only a very limited supply of abilities, but things open up early expect for currency limitations. There are 6 different types of abilities that may be equipped at on time Targeted, Directional, Self, Ultimate, Combat Passive and Non-Combat Passive. Some cost credits and are easy enough to purchase while the good ones and higher levels will cost Plain and Stock Union Mark’s (6 sided silver medal. which are earned on the monthly ranking ladder for the Trade Spine faction.

Targeted – These require a double tap to roll fast or lat traps.

Diving Roll – Roll quickly out of harms way with more obscurity, then immunity while rolling.

Grenade – Throw a grenade to do area damage with increases explosive radious and eventual pulling inwards before detonation.

Directional – Hold down on your character and pull back to shoot in the opposite direction. Good for deal damage to groups.

Hold Out Blaster – Shoot in a cone forward, later has increasing critical hit and reduced cost by 35%. Later upgrades make this skill good for large targets and groups.

Scatter Gun – Hit all enemies in wide cone with knock back, will eventually slow enemies and weaken them. Hit everything within range like an explosion, unlike Hold Out Blaster which does random damage. Good for taking down groups fast and pushing away melee fighters.

Self – Double tap on your character to

Caltrops – Lay a field of spikes to slow enemies with increased duration and then weakness.

Crowd Control – Knock back and slow enemies for a short time. I might be missing something, but the massive open for attack skill animation leaves you way to vulnerable to attack from long range and effects wear of too fast.

Power Cells – Refill and double max energy with improved duration and regeneration.

Ultimate – This is the big button on the lower right of the screen when in battle mode and recharges according to kill not time.

Intimidate – Fear all enemies making them run around randomly with increases duration and then making them Imperiled.

Think Fast – Grants allies haste, obscured and strengthen while doubling recovery, later has reduced cooldown and cheaper cost.

Combat Passive – Buffs that automatically apply all the time while fighting without ever having to activate it.

Durable – Reduces melee and ranged damage received by 5%, 10%, then 15%.

Overcharge – Increase ranged damage by 10%, but lower max energy by 50%.

Streetwise – Faster speed out of battle, then 50% chance to dodge when entering a fight.

Non-Combat Passive

Here a Blueprint Guide if your planning on trying to get them all, which is insane, you’ll definitely need them for crew upgrades though.

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