Dec 052015

Star Wars Uprising Blueprint Guide List Upgrade CrewA Star Wars: Uprising Blueprint Guide with List and Upgrade Crew info. Blueprints must be obtained be completing item/crew upgrades in the Armory which is accessed from the Avatar menu. Everything that is obtainable in the game is listed inside the Armory menu.

This can seem like a daunting task and it is if your planning on getting every single items, things might get worse as there isn’t enough inventory space for everything so careful decisions making might be needed. Visit the Star Wars: Uprising Wiki for all related mobile game info on this domain.

Weapon Blueprints

Most weapons only have 3 levels to increase depending on starting out at 0 or 5 stars, you then have to upgrade that item to max for all 3 blueprint sections. Max level for the best items is 7.

Armor Blueprints

Earning these is a little different from weapons where as you’ll need to get a full set of gear then upgrade all of the 2 or 3 times, not fully upgraded.

Blueprints List

It’s pretty easy to find the location of a print inside the Armory as everything is in alphabetical order and names are then same as the gear, finding the actual item to upgrade as a drop can be another story. You should try to hold on to everything until you’ve got what you needed out of it.

Upgrade Crew

To ear the blueprint for crew members you’ll need to increase their star level to maximum by doing Runs. Once this is done you’ll be rewards with their specific print and character improvements.

More info here on the Best Class/Species & Abilities/Skills.

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