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Star Wars Uprising Salvage Gears Crystals Symbols TipsStar Wars Uprising Salvage is an option for removing gears from the inventory when things fill up other than selling things. When using Salvage items will be changed into exp for upgrading gear and crystals for increasing gear and crews star count. The higher a star rating on an item the better quality salvage rewards will be.

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Star Wars Uprising Salvage Tips




Crystals will drop from many different items and are used for increasing gear and crews star count once a max level is reached. The higher the rarity and star count the better crystal quality will drop.

Saving Item for Blueprints

Someone interested in collecting blueprints might want to hold on to at least one of each item until its upgraded enough for the final blueprint. I personally find the blueprint system to be a mind boggling hold in a game which doesn’t have the gameplay required for the time it will take to collect them all, just think about the other things you could have done in that amount of time, the list is massive. It’s definitely a good touch for raising the stats of items though along with crew members. Here’s a Blueprint Guide fro better completion.

When handling a ton of items there is a nifty filtering features that will make cleaning out the right stuff easier and faster. There is a setting for Armory complete and duplicates so you can hold onto the collectibles with less hassle.

Selling Items

When selling for credits instead of breaking equipment down the amount earned can be substantial. This can be a good tactic for earning more credits when funds are low.



Some growing info on the Best Class & Abilities if your interested thought things might already be obvious.

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