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Star Wars Uprising Wiki Guide Tips Tricks FAQ CheatA Star Wars: Uprising Wiki with Guides, Tip and Tricks, FAQ and possibly by some miracle some Cheats. Star Wars Uprising is a Role Playing RPG developed by Kabam and is available free for download for Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Star Wars: Uprising Wiki can be updated regularly with new guides, tips and tricks, faq info and cheats depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more stuff and user submitted comments. If you like lightsabers then you’ll probably like the newest addition to mobile, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Wiki.

Star Wars: Uprising Wiki Guide FAQ

Tips & Tricks

Crew – Crew complete side mission on their own time for XP, Credits, Materials, and more Crew. Keep an eye out for the Crew Finder runs a keep you biggest units for them. The more help you have the more resources you’ll earn passively for faster progression. Once they level up to max crystal will be needed to increase the star count that can be gotten from Salvaging gear and mission rewards.

Easy High Level Gear – When in the Supplies menu choose Premium Crane for a chance to get high level items for the cost of Chromium, use the 10 grabs for the 4 star guarantee to make things better. Chromium can be found by completing first time find Armory filleries.

General Currencies – View a list of all currency and Syndicate Tokens on hand by tapping thumbnail menu in town, then tap the far bottom right corner button.

Item Info – Many item pictures can be long pressed in various areas and features of the game. This can be done in the inventory to get comparison stats with current equipped.

Level Gear Fast – When in the supplies menu choose Requisition Scrip Crane, then tap right for more expensive rolls. You can get bars that offer loads of experience (10k-40k+) for upgrading armor, weapons and more.

Max Level – 60 assuming the info is correct when view other players stats in game.

Salvage – Soon into the game Salvage will became available in the inventory to the right of Sell. This option is great for getting exp to upgrade other gear and crystals for gear and crew.


The hard part about getting cheats for mobile games, especially Star Wars: Uprising, is they completely destroy a games earning potential and that’s probably why there just doesn’t seem to be that many.


Choose one of 4 different classifications that determine race and gender, these only seem to effect looks with no stats differences though there could be something quest related down the line. From there the game opens up into the Star Wars story line.

Besides your main character you’ll find crew that will help out during tougher missions and can be sent on runs during down time for exp, gold and gear.

Equip 6 different items and 6 different abilities to customize the look and usability of the main character. Crew only level up with several other improvement options. Weapons and armor can be upgrade and range from common to higher rare qualities. Items have a leveling and star systems to make things even better.

Join or create a Cartel which is like a guild and benefit from various advantages including a ranking system. Uprising also include Cartel chat, Party chat, World chat and private chatting rooms for the secret conversations.

Though some aspects of this game have timers the story mode and most side missions don’t so you can play and play and play all day.


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