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Swords & Poker Wiki Guide FAQ Tips WalkthroughThis is a Sword & Poker Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s full of Tips. Sword & Poker is RPG card game developed by Konami and is available on Android at Google Play and iOS on iTunes

This Wiki along with it’s guides can be updated regularly so check back in the near future for updated content. Depending on popularity this Swords and Stone Wiki can bloom into a vast knowledge base.

Swords & Poker Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Walkthrough

Daily Bonus – First day coins, then Cutlass, magic skill, coins and chest for the 5th day.


Free Gems – There are various ways to get free gems in Swords & Poker with the option to pay for them as well. Every stage completed for the first time will earn 10 gems. Various things like Facebook accounts can be connected for 60 or so. When finishing a stage you get to pick from 10 random cards for a Zone Bonus which can net 20 or more gems for free. The last way would be through daily gifts.

Hands – Here are more detail descriptions on what hands are and how to get them.

One Pair – Two of any card that share the same number or letter. Example: Having two 5’s or two King’s, will naturally have different suit.

Two Pair – Two of the same card.

Three of a Kind – Three of the same card.

Straight – 5 cards in order like 1, 2, 3, 4 then 5 or J, Q, K, A then 2. Straights pop up a lot but it can take some time to sift through everything. If your having a hard time slow down and look for these.

Flush – 5 cards all of the same suit, so all Clubs, Spades, Diamonds or Hearts. Keep a look out for these in the very beginning. If you can’t use a Flush situation try to block it to avoid incoming damage.

Full House – 3 of one card and two of another for 5 total. I guess the two card are the parents.

Four of a Kind – Four cards that are the same. Can be 3 and one Joker.

Straight Flush – Five cards that are in order and have the same suit.

Royal Flush – The 10, J, Q, K and A cards of any one suit.

Five of a Kind – Having 5 cards with the same number or letter including a joker for the 5th card.

Health – Health is shown by chips in the bottom right corner of the screen. The max can be raise by purchasing more chips at the shop. The limit will raise at stages 6. 12. 19, letting you buy a few more, the sooner this is done the better the survivability of whats ahead.

Gold Farmer – The Gold Farmer will after on certain stages. If you can defeat it in time you’ll get a rewards when completing the area. It seems that these often have amazing hands hidden more than regular stage fight so keep a look out. Use any Wild Cards if possible to speed things up.

Magic – You can take 3 Magic skills into a stage at one time. The first slot is free and can equip any unlocked skill permanently for free. The other 2 slots will take there item version which have a limited life span.

The best magic spell would have to be Heal as you can potentially recover 50 or HP per battle. You’ll get 3 or more HP recovery per Heart card that is played. Getting side combos at the end of rounds can be used to get some big refills.

Shield – Will negate a certain amount of damage each round. Can be purchased in the Shop with better shield becoming available after completing a certain stage.

Walkthrough – Try to open up a path to the exit first, then try and go for extra chests and kills. This will help get through many stages. Try to keep max health chip upgrade as it’s worth double including the free refill chip and is cheap compared to other upgrades. Work towards always having a pair for the next move or two. Many areas will have to enter again at a later date with better gear when getting all the stars.

At the beginning of every round check for simple things like straights and flushes. Keep an eye out for really good hands as not everything is random. Often the app will give you good hand, but they might not be noticeable at first. This is especially so on the start of a a battle. Can force close the app to restart any fight before it ends.

Weapons – Most most weapons in the game will have different weapon effects that do something special. There are 10 total and there all listed just below. Some are much more useful than others in certain situations.

Weapon Effects:

  • Absorb – Every hand with skill will cause a certain amount of health to be refilled when doing damage to enemies. Only healing skill in the whole game beside chips on stage maps. Comes with the first weapon gotten for free. Try to hit big on final hits as the over damage will replenish health too.
  • Bleed – Enemy takes damage every turn for remainder of round.
  • Burn – Boosts hands DMG for round.
  • Discard – Remove random card from enemy hand. Good for getting rid of Jokers.
  • Forget – Disable enemy weapon effects on their next turn.
  • Paralysis – Enemy does nothing next turn.
  • Penetrate – Avoid enemy shield and do more damage.
  • Poison – Enemy take damage at the end of the round.
  • Silence – Cant use magic for the rest of the round.
  • Steal – Take a random card from enemy hand at end of turn. Good for stealing much needed cards like Jokers.

Best Weapons – You’ll to get them in progression and I would recommend buying them in this order Brightsaber, Silver Rapier, Splinter, Arctic Flair, then one of the highest level weapons Silent Knight, Maul, The Apocrypha and Inf, Katana.

Wild Cards - When completing hand you’ll gain a certain level in your wild card meter no the right. When it fills up you can use it to turn a random card in your hand to a Joker. Can be saved until need after fully charged. Often when one of these is available something epic can be done. (Tip: You can play one card to bring the count in hand to 3, then use the Wild Card power up for more control.)

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