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Taichi Panda Best Pet Combo Character Class Armor SetA brief Taichi Panda Best Pet Combo, Character Class and Armor Set post. For a full list of everything related see out the Taichi Panda Wiki.

This Taichi Panda Best Pet Combo info along with the Character Class and Armor Set stuff can be changed so check back in the future.

Best Character/Class

After a run through little information on the best class the official forum seem to lean heavily towards the Warrior so that’s wait I’m mainly playing with now. The one thing I notices is that the Mage and Panda seem to really kick my butt in the Arena. I also got beat a lot by lower level Warrior so it could have just been an upgrade issue. If you look at the Top lists for the Arena and other areas you can see who might be better suited by looking at top players stats.

For the most part I think their all pretty close though there are some noticeable differences. This app hits many home runs when it come to gaming features, but where it really dropped the ball is not letting us switch items between character on the same server or multi server. They could just make certain things off limits like starter bonuses or just trade gear stuff. This could be implemented in the future though as these guy sounds like there trying to make the best role playing game on mobile.

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Best Pet & Combo

There are many pets to choose from and picking ones for there skill usefulness will probably be the biggest factor in choosing one. Many people seem to use the Boxer for his healing ability, high attack and early access. The biggest thing holding bock development of pets would be level of your main character, then the materials for Surge and Evolution.

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Best Armor Set

You can scroll down on high quality items info screen for detailed information on possible and current upgrade capabilities. Some gear will have super awesome buff that are unlocked later through Fortify, Refine and Exalt.For the best armor set look ahead on and items abilities list cause some are really not that good.

Players that are around level 40 are using equipment with 26 quality which seem to be the highest, I swear I saw a 70 something once, might have been something naughty. For a full list of all stat improvements and might values go to Backpack screen, then tap Abilities under picture.

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