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Taichi Panda Wiki Guide Strategy FAQ Tip Trick CheatA Taichi Panda Wiki with Guides, Strategy, FAQ’s, Tips and Trick, Cheats and more. Taichi Panda is the latest Role Playing game for mobile striving to be the best and doing a very good job of it. The developers Snail Games USA have this app available for both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Taichi Panda Wiki along with all the Strategy Guides, FAQ’s, Tips and Tricks, Cheats and other stuff can be updated daily depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for more info on different related content. Please leave any questions or helpful tid bits in the comments below.

Taichi Panda Wiki

Best Pet Combo, Character Class, Armor Set

Guide Strategy FAQ Tip Trick Cheat

Market – The market is a place to break down gear and get rewards like crystal that can be traded in for gifts. The market items will change after a certain time, but can be changed with manually with gems or scrolls. You can find some killer deals here for outfitting a character how you want it. Some of the best items in the game can be found here.

Pets – Try to unlock the pets that look good with useful skills. You can view their moves before getting them making the choice that much easier. It can be best to actually use the pet, though high level skills will take some time before they can be used, unless the required upgrade materials where in hand.

Runes – Runes have been implements perfectly with the ability to unequipped them for reuse in other areas. Many other games use pay currency as a way to remove things like this, but not here thankfully. You can consume Runes to make others strong which is good for the ones with big benefits.

Stars – Make sure to use stars when they are available. These will ad permanent buffs that will add big power to your character, especially if you using elements to deal damage. Stars are basically a must to get big and strong is this game.

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