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Tap Titans Best Artifact Relic Hero Prestige TimeBelow is information on Tap Titans Best Artifacts, Relics, Heroes along with what time to Prestige. It’s gonna take a lot of gold to get things done, but there a faster way to to things for less farming. For much more visit our growing Tap Titans Wiki Guide and check back in the near future for updates.

Tap Titans Best Artifact, Relic , Hero & Prestige Time

Artifact (Starting DMG Tiers 10×1, 30×9, 40×3, 50×1, 60×1, 70×11, 120×2, 300×1) – The top 3 artifacts below are better than all others when compared to strength, though there side buffs are on the semi lacking side. The higher the starting DMG the higher the max amount will be. Each time a one is purchased it’s stats will be random so you’ll have to keep buying them for the one you want.

  1. Worldy Illuminator – The best Artifact for the DMG buff is the Worldy Illuminator with its 300-900% Damage increase, which is much more than any other by 240%+. The other option cuts the enemies between bosses down to 5 from 10. Dramatically speeds up the time to reach the end and is the single most important item in the game.
  2. Universal Fissure - 120-660% DMG with Warcry Duration +10-100%. The Universal Fissure and the Ointment below are the only 2 choices for the next lower tier of artifacts when it comes to damage. The Warcry bonus can be very good for extra party hurt when dealing with big enemies. Having it last twice as long would be better for single target when compared to Ointment.
  3. Hunter’s Ointment – 120-660% DMG with 5-50% War Cry Cool Down. The Hunter’s Ointment and the Fissure above are the only 2 on this tier for DMG.

Hero – The best hero is is going to be there very last one unlocked out of the 33 available. However that may take time to reach in your current situation bringing up the question, what hero should I use now? The answer is the last one that is in your current gold drop range. This will always be the current Tap Titans best hero. The ones before it should be upgraded for their passive skill bonuses and achievements only. This is because the last heroes you can unlock will usually do massively more damage than the one before it making the rest obsolete for upgrading DPS and better just for skills.

Top 10 Heroes with Initial Cost/DPS

  1. Dark Lord, Punisher of All ?/?
  2. Jackalope the Fireballer ?/?
  3. Pixie the Rebel Fairy ?/?
  4. Jaqulin the Unknown ?/?
  5. Mohacas the Wind Warrior 3.14ww/772.47uu
  6. Chester the Beast Tamer 28.50pp/40.40oo
  7. Flavius and Oinksbjorn 25.90kk/?jj
  8. Eistor the Banisher 2.36hh/?gg
  9. Hamlette, Painter of Skulls 21.40ff/3.90ee
  10. Deznis the Cleanser 19.50ee/4.47dd

Prestige – The best time to prestige is soon after reaching stage 80. That’s because you’ll at least need to complete stage 80 to unlock Relics which are needed to by buy the most important items in the game, Artifacts. The more heroes that are unlocked will give bonuses to Relics earning, with an extra bonus for having them all. Probably wont be getting good enough gold to prestige until around stage 85.

How many stages that have been completed and the main players tapping DPS. There relic rewards from all of these variable will be much better the more you complete. So waiting the longest time will be the beset time to prestige, though the first time should be done semi early for Artifact bonuses.

Next you’ll get a growing relic reward starting at stage 90 and then every 15 stages. So if your close to 90 or any of the other stages you might want to get them done before starting over, which will also produce more in the end reward.

Relic – Their is no best Relics because they are all the same currency. There is however a way to get more at a time. Once stage 80 has been compete the player will be able to earn relics after completed. Here is a Relic Stage Bonuses Chart that shows how to earn more.  For the most part you gonna need a lot of these and to earn more you have to get further.

These are the most important things for gaining strength a completing the hardest parts of the game. Spend them to upgrade Artifacts that are more relevant than things that are less useful. Since there so time consuming to obtain it’s a good idea to spent wisely. If it’s a person I hope they don’t live on the East Coast, might end up being over payed fish food with a learning disability.

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  1. When you talk about prestige you got something wrong the # of relics recieved is dependent on how many times you have upgraded your heros every 1000 hero upgrades nets you 1 relic (not the main hero), also what level you made it to affects how many relics you get and finally if you have all your heros alive you get double relics

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