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Tap Titans Best RelicsMany people seem to be looking for the Tap Titans Best Relics. There is no best relic as they are all the same. There are however better ways than others to earn them. For the most part your gonna need a ton of these things to build up the strength of artifacts. If you where thinking about building them all up, just note that it would probably take years of gameplay to do so with how the game is set up.

After reading up on things here be sure to visit our Tap Titans Wiki for more related info.

Tap Titans Best Relics Earners

1. Full Team Bonus – To get the full team bonus your gonna need all of your heroes to be alive. The bonus will double all relic earning for the other two areas making it a must to wait until all heroes are alive before prestiging. The only place they can die is when facing bosses every 5 stages. The kill rate isn’t guaranteed and can usually happen when dealing with tough bosses or trying to run away before the fight is over.


2. Stage Completion Bonus – Starting at stage 80 you’ll earn relics for completing every 10 stages. The further you get the more you’ll earn when completing the stage, though time and lack of power will hold you be severely. When gaining more strength, which can take months of gameplay, you should be able to get to stage 120 or so without too much difficulty. This will allow for grinding and farming of relics, though it can still take some time to get though areas.

3. Hero Level Bonus – This will go up based on the combined levels or all your heroes. It will never amount to that much, but remember the total is double with a full team. The best thing to do before prestige is to increase everyone’s level to as high as possible without too much grinding. Eventually it will get pretty expensive to upgrade them so then just move onto the next one until everyone is built up.

4. Selling Artifacts – This should probably not be done except for extremely important situations or when your maxed out with artifacts. The more an artifacts is upgraded the more it can be sold for.

Tap Titans Best Relics Prestige Screen

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