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Tap Titans Full Team BonusThe Tap Titans Full Team Bonus is for when all of the heroes are alive and not dead from a boss. When every hero is alive and well you will double the relics earnings when prestiging with the Tap Titans full team bonus. For this reason it’s highly advised to always prestige when all heroes are living as you’ll easily double your relic earnings. For more info visit our Tap Titans Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

Since it’s pretty obvious that you would reset things without getting the bonus its used more to hold back the player when there are planning on making the move. Only the bosses on the 5th and 10th stages can kill a hero. The boss will kill randomly while facing it and it doesn’t seem to have a trigger, though most times that I’m way to strong for a boss nobody ever dies. So maybe the killing has to do with being under leveled or lack of abilities. The faster you kill it seems to be the best way to avoid death.

Many times while facing bosses nobody ever gets hurt so it doesn’t  happen that often. The downfall is that it can take hours or days for heroes to be revived which can be a big set back when it comes to using prestige. You’ll have two choices at this point, wait or continue playing moving forward and potentially risking the same fate again.

Tap Titans Full Team Bonus Screenshot

Full Team Bonus Screenshot

Prestige Tips

Stage Completion Bonus – The further you can get the more relics you’ll get in the end. About every 15 stages this number will increase with the amount earned per tick. This will always be the bigger number in the prestige chart, besides the full team bonus, and should be focuses on for maximum earnings.

This is easier said than done though as reaching the higher areas can take a very long time. You will of needed to restart a few time to build up Artifacts and there bonus before you’ll have to strength to make it too far. If you could speed up time things would be a lot easier, but the long road ahead is gonna take some gaming.

It can take forever at first to get things done, but with each Artifacts and and improvement with it you’ll see a noticeable difference. Try to upgrade only the Artifacts that have the most damage increase as this will be the biggest factor for strength gain in most cases. Sometime they will offer side bonuses that can be very useful and should be improved based on the side buff.

Leveling Main Player – It will be crucial to spend gold on leveling up your main character in the beginning. This will be the main thing causing damage and will be a must for getting past the hard spots. Later though around lv 600 it wont do much good to increase the strength of his attacks as the amount gained is minimal. This is when upgrading Heroes will make the most difference and should be focuses on.

With each new one that’s hired the main characters attack DPS will go up considerably and much more than direct increases. Unlocking the next one in the line up will usually offer a huge DPS increase making progression much faster. This should be done from around stage 90 to the end of the game where things really have some serious DPS. It almost looks like the developer might not have been sure about how to calculate things and just went with this mechanic.

Here’s some more info on the Best Artifacts, Relics, Hero & Prestige Time so you can focus more on what should be done next.

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