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Tap Titans Perks Rain Doom Power Shield RefreshBelow is information on Tap Titans Perks with descriptions and strategy. Though they can be great for a little boost they might not be worth the cost early game. When getting them for free knowing when and how to use them can help out a lot. For more related content visit our Tap Titans Wiki, Guide and FAQ.

Tap Titans Perks

Perks can be found on the green tab with the star on the bottom of the screen. Each perk costs a certain amount of gems which is shown below. They can also be gotten for free from Daily Bonuses that happen on every 3rd day. When you have some from the other means besides purchase they will show up as a number where the cost was. This number indicates how many you can use for free.

Though these can dramatically help out in certain situations it’s best to save gems for equipment with permanent buffs. Once all top gear has been purchased there’s nothing really left to spend Gems on beside temporary buffs. Remember that you eventually going to have to prestige starting over again from the beginning, is it really a good idea to use or spend currency on this?

There are also non-perk items here as well which include paying real money for Gems. These you will never get for free from Daily Bonuses even though there listed in the same section.

Make It Rain 100g – Make It Rain will produce a large amount of gold in an instant. The amount dropped will depend on what stage your on and is listed so you know before you buy. The best time to use this is when you need to unlock the next hero in line.┬áMake It Rain will often give enough boost to make it a few more stages with too much hassle. For most other situations though this can be a waste of gems if you haven’t got all the best items that the main character can equip for passive buffs. Just remember if you planning on using this, you’ll always get more on the next stage.

Doom 100g – Doom will summon the Grim Reaper to kill any target including bosses. This is like god power and if you had enough of these you could sail through the game on the first try. Doom should be saved to the most dire moments like the 5th Daily Bonus the gives Weapon Upgrades that are the next best thing to Artifacts.

Power of Holding 100g – Power of Holding will do 30 hits per second by just holding your finger on the screen, no tapping necessary. The effects will last for 120 seconds. You can use another finger to get things done while doing this like getting fairy chest rewards and selecting options and upgrades from the menu below. Power of Holding works very well with the Hand of Midas skill to gain lots of gold.

Guardian Shield 235g – Guardian Shield will protect all heroes from getting killed by bosses for 24 hours. This can be good for when players are starting from the beginning after a prestige and are hoping to move through fast. These will be the times where your heroes are at the most risk cause you’ll be facing bosses at a fast rate, which also increases the rate of deaths. Eventually when the player gets strong enough with Artifacts you’ll be able to prestige in a short amount of time which will open up a grinding situation. These are the absolute best places to use the Guardian Shield.

Skill Refresh (Cost Varies) – Skill Refresh will reset all the timers on the main players skills making them all usable right away. The cost for this skill is prorated and will go down as the time on skills gets closer to ready again. Skill Refresh can only be used when 1 or more skills are cooling down otherwise the perk will be grayed out.

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