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Tap Titans Wiki Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats StrategyA Tap Titans Wiki with Guides and FAQ’s mixed in with some Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy. Tap Titans is a Role Playing game developed by Game Hive Publishing and is available on both Android on Google Play and iOS on iTunes.

This Tap Titans Wiki along with it’s Strategy Guides and FAQ’s can be updated regularly depending on popularity. So check back for new Tips, Tricks and Cheats in the near future.

Tap Titans Wiki

Guide FAQ Tips Tricks Cheats Strategy

Artifacts – Artifacts are items that will increase stats, gold earnings and more. They will become available when beating stage 80 and are over 29 to collect. You can upgrade them with relics that are also found after completing stage 80. Artifacts can be sold for gems when they are no longer needed. These will help a lot mid to late game and should be focused on for faster progression. The best artifacts will cost a lot and take longer to get then the rest due to price restrictions.

Bosses – Every stage will have a boss that must be defeated at the end of the 10 rounds. Every 5 stages will have a big boss that will be harder to defeat than others. Try to save your main character skills for the boss fights as they can make difficult things very easy. If a boss can be beating you’ll have to go to the prior enemies and fight them until your strong enough to pass. When ready tap the the Fight Boss button to try again.

Character Customization – Your main character has many things that can be equipped. Find the Character Customization menu by tapping his picture on the swords tab. Inside you will be able to equip 1 of 6 different types of gear. Each piece can be gotten by completing certain achievements like Prestige count, buying with Diamonds, Tournament Points and making it to a certain stage. These items are a must for later levels and will offer great passive bonuses to various stats and options.

Cheats – You can cheat by using apps that record touches on the screen and play them back. These apps will tap the screen without you ever having to. They are great for farming gold between boss fights. The app I use is called HiroMacro Auto-Touch Macro which is only available for Android. It have different settings for speeding things up and repeating for unending tapping, don’t forget to plug in your device. This tip can save a load of playing time and is the best strategy for maxing things out.

Diamonds – Diamonds are the paid currency in Tap Titans, but can also be gotten for free in various ways. You can get free diamonds from fairies dropping chests, they can come in single form or a be a watchable ad. You also get free gems when selling artifacts. They are probably most easily gotten by completing achievements though. Other than that your gonna have to pay for Gems with real money.

Heroes – Heroes are extra player that join you and automatically do damage. When hero levels reach a certain number they will unlock a passive skill. This skills will be important early on and especially late game due to the wide range of buffs you’ll get. Early in the game Heroes wont need to be upgraded that much due to the main character pulling all the weight. The best hero will be the last one unlocked and will be the most expensive to level up.

Prestige – When your main character reaches level 600 you have the options to prestige. Doing this for the first time will also allow you to find Relics that are used to acquire Artifacts. Prestige will also unlock new weapons and scarfs in the Character Customization area. These items can be used for extra passive buffs.

Relics – Relics are used to purchase and upgrade Artifacts. Relics are gotten as a rewards every 10 stages after stage 80. When using Prestige you will gain relics that can be viewed before completing the process.


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