Apr 092015

Temple Run 2 Hats Unlock Guide TipsThe Temple Run 2 Hats are called theme hats and are unlocked once the player collects a full set of Artifacts. They offer no extra bonus other than altering the players look. The look and style can change on certain holidays like the Christmas hat that looked like santa’s. When the season or major events happen there is a possibility of the developer Imangi Studios (Google Play) changing its look.

When collecting artifacts remember that only 1 can be collected per run. Some when you find an Artifact try to end the run so you can make sure you can the next one. There are 5 different default types of artifacts and each one has 10 different sections that needs to be found for it to be complete. There can also be other types that are related to certain holidays like the current Easter one which one has 5 sections that need to be found.

Temple Run 2 HatRight now as of the date of this post the hat is brown with a normal look and like it might belong to Indiana Jones. It looks kinda businessy and not related to anything that I can think of that might be going on at the moment. Maybe everybody gets to be Jones for a day, lucky.

Did you hear the guy who plays Jones called Harrison Ford just crashed his personal plane on a public golf course, like a half mile after take off. Totally true, he survived like a boss just like in the movies too. Looks like there might be a shift from Chuck to Jones jokes,  or maybe just another Chuck joke.

Temple Run 2 Hats

Temple Run 2 Guy Dangerous with HatIf there is any other information you would like to share feel free to mention it in the comments below. Questions can be answer quickly depending on popularity. Check back in the near future for updated Temple Run 2 info.

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  1. Ik heb een missie op temple run 2 dat ik een hoed moet vrijspelen hoe krijg ik die?
    Avast bedankt!!

  2. Hello,
    I have collected all different types of artifacts and also got the message to collect Hat but my “Collect objective is not closed”.
    Is there anything I need to do to complete this objective??

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