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Terraria Expert Mode Strategy Guide FAQ Tips Tricks CheatsA Terraria Expert Mode Strategy Guide with Tips and Tricks some cheats you can’t miss out on. Please leave any helpful insight and questions in the comments below.

This Terraria Expert Mode Strategy Guide and it’s Tips, Tricks and Cheats can be updated depending on popularity and how hard I get into this game again after the big 1.3 update.

Terraria Expert Mode Strategy Guide

Tips & Tricks

Completing the game isn’t that difficult if your willing to put in the time and keep moving forward with gear. There are a few things though that can help everyone either right away or very close to the beginning.

Boomerangs – Boomerangs are great beginning weapons because they can kill things affair with knock back keeping you safe. You can get them free with the Wooden Boom from regular chest, Enchanted Boom from Gold chests and Flamarang from combining the Enchanted Boom with 10 Hellstone Bars. When starting out especially in Elite many of the enemies will be too strong and kill you in a few hits. The boomerang allows for farming pretty much every normal enemies and some bosses very easily when position correctly. I build tunnels everywhere, so when many enemies build up be a barrier I’ll take it down and spam the boom until their all dead. They also give off light and can be used for long range view in dark cave systems.

Directions – Moving around and staying alive is essential for fun gameplay.

  • Up – You can move up by digging stairs, placing blocks underneath you in a straight line while umping, place wood planks on walls/backgrounds and blocks.
  • Down – Falling can be a huge deal when starting out. You can find Lucky Horseshoes on Floating Islands which negate fall damage. You can find Cloud in a Bottle very early with a high drop chance in normal chests, use it to jump before landing to negate fall damage from high places. Balloons and Wings will make transportation a breeze.

Money Trough – The Money Trough lets you summon a flying piggy bank to store money and items anytime anywhere. Believe it or not I got one from defeating my first Drippler in the underground snow area. Apparently the Drippler and Blood Zombie will drop the Money Trough at a 0.5% chance in normal mode, or 1% in Expert Mode, also Eye of Cthulhu will drop it if killed on a Blood Moon. This thing will pretty much erase any fear of losing money unless it’d picked up just before you die.

Wiki – Check the official wiki for all you need to succeed.


Small World Map using TerraMap

Small World Map with TerraMap

View Map – Many may be aware of this already, but you can install programs on the PC that will show the whole map. You can easily see everything including islands, underground, chests, hearts, individual statues and tons more at the start or anytime when in an area. My personal favorite that seems to be the only program compatible with 1.3 is the 100% Free TerraMap, you can highlight specific items for easy locating and retrieval. Click the thumbnail on the left to view a very large zoomable picture of a Small World size using TerraMap, you might need to use a picture viewer besides the browser for more zoom.. I played the heck out of Terraria 2 or 3 years ago so I figure having this little boost will make Elite Mode more enjoyable. It’s like playing a new game with the 1.3 update.

YouTube – If you haven’t tried looking for cheats on YouTube yet then your in for a treat. There is probably more information than any one person could take in, at least in a short period of time.

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  1. Some great Terraria tips here, thanks a lot for posting as im new and just getting to grips with the whole game after moving from Minecraft

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