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The Escapists Bed DummyThe Escapists Bed Dummy is placed in your bed at night so the guards wont know that you left. It’s made by using a Bed Sheet and 2 Pillows and requires 30 Int.

You can only place it in your cell and not other inmates. The easiest way to get the items for crafting the Bed Dummy is to take them from another inmates cell. When placing you can do so when your bed already has a pillow and blanket or if they are without.

Once The Bed Dummy has been crafted it will not be able to be taken apart again which is a bit of a bummer, maybe in the next update. The best way to get rid of contraband is to drop it on the ground or flush this giant thing magically down the toilet.

For more info visit our The Escapists Wiki and Guide.

The Bed Dummy is a must for when your not sure if you’ll be back or not when trying to escape. As a good measure it’s always a good idea to place one just in case things go wrong. Unless of course you know what you doing.

The best thing to do is keep the items needed for crafting in your desk until you need them. Once it has been crafted you can get in trouble for having it on your person. If in pursuit by guards drop it on the ground and run away to keep distance between you and the guard. Eventually they will lose interest and stop coming after you. Then go back and pick it up off the ground unnoticed.

One of the easiest items to make though it’s only used for part of and escape and isn’t 100% necessary.


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