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The Escapists ControlsBelow is a detail description of what the controls are and do in The Escapists. When starting out they give you a pretty good description of what does what. But since new games can be hard to learn at first with lots of new stuff throw at you all at once you might need a recap.

Control keys can be remapped and changed by going into the Settings from the Main Menu. They can’t be changed during gameplay. Make sure to save your progress by sleeping before exiting to change them or your progress for that day will be lost. The only settings that can be changed while playing are Sound and Music volume along with playing in Full Screen or Windowed mode.

For more info visit our The Escapists Wiki and Guide for things not covered in the official ones, like controls for example.

The Escapists Controls

W, A, S and D keys will move you in the appropriate directions. Many things can be walked into for more options like loosening ceiling vents and entering false walls.

Left Click the mouse to open containers, select or take items from them and selecting your Profile, Journal, Crafting and Loading buttons in the bottom right of the screen. To pick up items on the ground you’ll need to Right click.

Right Click the mouse to picks up desks and repositions them. Pick up items that are laying on the ground. It will also allow you to view other inmates and guards stats, their items for sale or in their inventory and view their current job titles including money on hand.

Spacebar toggles attack mode on and off. You’ll notice the mouse pointer change from green to blinking red. Now click on a target to select them and see their health bar. Once selected, moving your prisoner within range will initiate attacking on the target automatically.

Hot Keys 1-6 are for storing items on your prisoner and is located on the upper right side of the screen. These will dramatically speed up job duties making sure you get stuff done on time.

Q and E are used to exercising on the treadmill and weight lifting. You’ll have to consistently rotate between Q and E to get results and cant just keep hitting one of them, back and forth.

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