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The Escapists Wiki GuideThe Escapists Wiki and Guide with a growing database of information. Since there is already a couple really good wiki’s out there with lots of info I’ll cover the stuff they seemed to miss or is not focused on enough. The Escapists Wiki will be updated daily until I get burned out which might not be for awhile. So come back in the near future for new content.

The Escapists was developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and right now is only available for the PC on Steam. The game is still in it’s alpha stage though it’s highly playable and very enjoyable at that. I’m pretty sure once the game is out of bate it will be available for many other platforms like console and mobile.

The Escapists Wiki Guide


Crafting and Items

  • Bed Dummy
  • Bottle of Sleeping Pills
  • Entrance Key
  • Hammer


  • Librarian



The Escapists is about about exploring life in prison with the specific intent on breaking out. You get to choose from different prisons that have ranging levels of difficulty. There is an absolute ton of humor in this thing, “Your pudding or Your Souls”. Almost as much as the amount of fights that break out in the food hall and showers.

Find, steal, or buy items from other inmate and then craft them into weapons and tools for the big get away. There are 3 stats to choose from that include Intellect, Speed, and Strength. Each of these stats can be increase by to things like yoga, surfing the internet, and working out in the weight room among others.

Earn in game currency by ding jobs assigned by the prison like making license plates and doing laundry. Most actions use energy that when reaches 100% requires the play to take a small break of refill with food, showers, and sleeping.

I cant believe how fun this game is and it’s only in the alpha stage. I have been pretty burned out on most game these days do to lake of creativity and repetitiveness. I finally feel like I have something to truly blog about and which makes my feel happy.

My only grip with this game is that it makes prison seem like a fun place to be. In reality prisons are filled with many people who are there because someone in power wants to make more money. It’s like being forced into slave labor and fed poison food meant to sicken and kill also making the medical industry cash in the long run. There crimes are nowhere near the penalty. It’s an old hillbilly system for making money and abusing authority. Many political and corporate people running prisons should be there themselves dodging shanks.

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