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Trivia Crack Battery DrainIt seems the many folks are having problems with Trivia Crack draining their battery. This is probably due to how the app is always connected to the internet and transferring data back and forth. It seems they have worked out a bunch of kinks to make the game more successful, but have yet to address the battery drain.

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To fix the Trivia Crack battery drain issue there are a few things that can be done. First your going to want to install an app called Juice Defender. This thing does a great job of more than doubling the battery life on your device by controlling the sloppy backdoor job by Android developers allowing for too much activity. The only down side is that it’s only available for Android on Google Play.

Keep in mind that the free version is super effective. I had purchased the payed version and had zero improvements over the free one beside more options. This should help out a bunch and you should see a huge improvement almost immediately.

Once Juice Defender is installed you can check the notification area for a number that tells you exactly how much energy your saving. This is aa great direct indicator to show if there is Battery Drain.

The second option is to turn off your WiFi when your not playing Trivia Crack. This will stop the app from contently communicating with the internet when your not using it. You can also try turning of notifications and unlinking social accounts which will add to the constant communication.Another route would be to close the app completely when not using it.

People also seem to be connecting it to Bluetooth so if your gaming with others in this manner you may be out of luck. This can be more of a pain to avoid as there are no alternatives besides not playing with othrrs close by.

I personally have no issues with this and everything seems to work like normal. If you have any other alternatives for iOS users feel free to leave them in the comment so others can get help as well.

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